Monday, February 27, 2006

Fellow Wiry Bloggers

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a swell weekend. Mine was pretty good, but I would have frozen my balls off in the frigid weather, if I had any. Mom and Dad still took me for walks, but I had to wear my coat, and poor Mom and Dad were in so many layers they could barely move. During the mornings however, I did manage to find a cosy spot in the sunshine on Mom and Dad's bed. I look rather scruffy in the picture, I need a good stripping...but Mom and Dad are too goddarn lazy and keep using the excuse that I need every hair on my body for warmth in winter:

So Mom had her TV debut last night on WYBE in "Growing up under Apartheid." When she came onto the TV she buried her head in the sofa cushion and turned tomato red. She kept peeking and making disparaging remarks about herself ("oh God my nose!", "I look so stiff", "in that poncho I look like I have no arms" etc), which ticked me off, cos I was trying to just come to terms with seeing two Moms in the same room! I was a bit proud of the Mom on TV - she made some good comments. And a few silly ones. But it's not easy being on a live TV show.

There are bloggers. And then there are imitators. I am Axel G, King of the Bloggers - but I also have some wiry friends who have taken to the blogosphere with eager abandon. I am very proud of their efforts and enjoy reading what they are up to, so I wanted to alert you to the links on the right hand side of the page that list a few:
Butchy & Snickers Blog -- Theirs is a very new blog and what I like most about it is what they say about ME! Heh heh. What a cute pair those guys are sitting on their perches in the photo on the site.

Bogie Bytes -- Bogie is just a pup. He writes pretty well for a young bloke. I think the name of his blog is very clever - he has a pun on bytes for computer bytes and dog bites! Ingenius!

And don't forget our dear sock eating friend Mackie and his blog - Always a good read!

I think the more wires online, the better! So hop aboard friends. If you don't feel like starting your own blog, you are welcome to guest on mine! Just email me!