Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Farewell Dear Friends

I am sad. I am verklempt. I have just said goodbye to my dearest friends Gracie the Anatolian (my best friend ever); Dozer, the Shephard mix alias Fenway; Kela, the Spaniel; Mojo, the black cat; and Dee, the homo sapien. Tomorrow they leave Philadelphia forever and head to Massachewsits - which I hope for Gracie's sake, is the land of many chews - perhaps that is where they grow Dingos and Pigs Ears?

Let's take a minute, to savor the moments of the special friendship I've shared with Gracie for the last year and a half. I was a few months old when she moved into the house across the street. Oh Gracie, how I will miss you sweetie.
Here is Gracie when she was a wee pup - those were the days when I towered over her!

And here are just some of the precious moments we shared together - playing, wrestling, partying and just hanging out in our street:

I knew the end was near, when I woke up to see this apparition on our street:

Later, Mom and I sat on the step with P our friend/dogwalker/neighbor and watched the men pack up the truck. And then Gracie, Dozer and Kela came by and Sasha, our pal the huge Akita visited to say a last goodbye too. I love J, Sasha's dad as he always carries pockets full of treats:

Later still, P ran home to get Elvis so he too could say his goodbyes to Gracie, Dozer and Kela. Here he is giving Gracie a kiss farewell...our pack will never be the same...

Finally, as the sun went down - it was time to part at last. We did one final check on the neighborhood alleyways and then Gracie took me by the leash and led me to my door - she whispered in my ear, "Farewell dear dear friend - until we meet again. I shall miss you. Thanks for being such a groovy pal. I will never forget you - I will always have a special place in my heart for your spunky wirey soul."

And so dear friends, one chapter ends as the big, loyal and beautiful Anatolian goes off on a new adventure with her brother, sister and Mom, and heartbroken but stoic, her Philadelphia pack stay behind, to bravely face another day...


Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Very Special Birthday

Ah how swell it is to have a birthday! Hello everyone, I am now 2 years old, and I'd like to tell you about the special day I had!

When I woke up this morning, Mom and Dad gave me a new toy - a red Loofa dog dressed up in patiotic colors. Unfortunately the pic isn't great as I was distracted...but I sure dig this gift, it has a unique squeak that sounds more like a grumble. I also got two packages of Dingoes - little ones and donut shaped ones...but alas I couldn't have them all at once, I only got one to chew. Mom told me the big packet of Dingoes were a gift from Miss Amelia - wow, what a groovy chick she is. Thanks darling!

I had my usual walk this morning and my walk with P, my favorite dogwalker and then Mom came home and took me to the park after giving me lots of liver treats and burnt hotdogs (I love them - mom slices turkey or chicken dogs and frazzles them in the microwave for 12 minutes. Yummy).

At the park, I saw many friends:

And greeted old friends including Harry the big Spaniel looking thing (here we are drinking rain water from a tree) and Brody, the Cairn, one of my best buds:

I also chased Maggie and Mom had a hard time getting a photo of us in the same frame becos Maggie runs so darn fast! Can you see me? And yes I know it looks a bit scary - that we seem near cars and traffic, but really we know not to go off the grass. Ever.

I met a new friend today, a Boston Terrier/Pitbull pup, but I didn't catch his name:

Mostly I sat on the green green grass and just enjoyed being outside on my special day:

And I also ran about of course - an older dog needs his exercise!

On the way home, we ran into Dozer-Fenway (his mom gave him a new name, but I still think of him as Dozer, Gracie's little bro). He is the same size as me now and we love to wrestle. They leave Philly on Wednesday...boy that will be a sad day:

And the fun didn't end there. For dinner tonite I got TWO juicy beef ribs and I got to eat it on the couch! Wow. Usually I have to eat them on the floor, on a towel... Mom must have lost touch with her senses...

At the end of the day, I was pretty worn out from playing and chewing (2 ribs, 2 Dingoes, one hoof)- so I hit my fave spot a-top the sofa, and chilled.

I sure do like birthdays. And I sure am a lucky guy.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Birthday Cometh!

Hear ye! Hear ye! On Thursday, May 17 is my birthday!!! I will be 2! That means that in human years I have already surpassed my bar mitzvah. What a relief that Mom and Dad didn't make me read the torah in synagogue - I don't think I could have pulled that off!

Mom came home late tonite and she was clutching a Petsmart bag when she walked in the door. I just know she went shopping for my birthday!! I tried to help her with her package but she told me it was not something for me. Yeah right Mom - I have a powerful sniffer and I smelled DINGOs and liver treats and toys!!! I might be almost 2 only but I wasn't born yesterday!

Today is the democratic election for Mayor of Philadelphia. Dad went off after our walk this morning to vote - poor Mom is not a citizen yet, so she gets no vote. She is pissed as she thinks a permanent resident implies you ain't leaving...so give me the vote!! Anyway...everyone else has endorsed candidates, so because my blog is so well read, and because I am a citizen albeit with out the right to vote, I am going to formally announce my endorsement. I, Axel G Chocholoza hereby endorse Tom Knox, for the very salient reason that his name rhymes with FOX and that is good enough for ME!


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hey, it's Henry!

What a beautiful day...and you won't believe what happened to me!

Dad and I were out on a walk in our familiar park surroundings when Dad sees a couple and a dog in the distance relaxing by a bench. As we got closer, Dad realized the dog was another Wire Fox!! We went and introduced ourselves and met Henry, a year old wire from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They were here on a weekend visit. It's always nice to see a fellow wire, but I was in one of my aloof moods...so the humans chatted for a while and then we continued on our way.

At the time, Mom was at the supermarket doing her weekly chore, when Dad had the brilliant idea of taking a photo of Henry and Me and sending it to Mom's cellphone. So there was Mom, perusing toilet paper in isle 9 when her phone rang. She thought it was Dad to remind her to buy something - but instead up came a photograph entitled, "me and my wire friend Henry". Mom was most confused, and when she realized what was up, she was most disappointed to have missed meeting Henry.

I'm the wire with the black saddle. Henry was mostly white.

When she got home, she interrogated Dad - who were they? how old was Henry? did we play? Was he stripped? where were they staying...poor Dad. Mom can be relentless when it comes to meeting other Wire foxes!

Tomorrow it's just me and Dad all day as Mom has to work at some big event - I don't see why I can't go with...but Mom says her work colleagues would not be impressed to have me along. Humpff!