Sunday, October 07, 2007

My Day at the Montgomery Terrier Show

Today Mom, Dad and me went to the annual terrier show at Montgomery. It was in the high 80's so I got very hot and bothered! Mom was in her usual state of rapture to see so many terriers and to meet new and old friends she'd met online. Dad raced around with his video camera. I mainly snoozed and tried to get comfy on Mom's tiny lap. I saw my breeder but was disappointed that my mom and sister were withdrawn from the competition cos Mom is pregnant and sis wasn't groomed well enough. I was so looking forward to seeing them!

We did get to see Bebe and her folks; Finnegan and his folks, Claudia and her smoothie Sydney, Suzanne and her little Folli and some other wirey folks. Sitting in front of us was a tiny ginger wire from Italy called Rosalina...Mom couldn't take her eyes off of her and I started getting worried that Mom was going to kidnap her!

Click on the image below to see our 23 photos from the show! Note: if you click View Slideshow - you will not see Mom's photo descriptions. Mom recommendes clicking on the DETAIL link so you can see all the photos with their descriptions on one page.