Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wires in Weird Clothing

As I've mentioned before, I am not into dressing up in human-type clothing or seasonal costumes, and thankfully Mom and Dad don't believe in it either. I hear there is a holiday called Halloween coming up soon during which kids dress up in scary costumes and go begging for candy door-to-door. Last time I was at the petstore, I noticed there were Halloween costumes for canines too! Another sign of the crass commercialism rampant in America if you ask moi!

And to make my point, I introduce exhibit one and two entitled,
"Ridiculous Dog Costumes Created by Stupid Humans:"

I really take issue with some of these abominations! The "hot dog" and "piggy" are nothing short of offensive. I appeal to humans everywhere to spare a thought for their dogs before dressing them up like this. There is just so much humiliation a canine can take! Surely there are other ways you can amuse yourselves - one that springs to mind, dress YOURSELVES up in stupid costumes or read a joke book for gosh sakes. Leave us dogs alone!

No such luck for Colby in Canada or Bamba. Here they are dressed up in their fine costumed regalia.

Colby is dressed up as a DUCK (left) and a jock. Look at Colby's face in his duck costume - I think thinking "now how can a dog be a duck? I can't quack, but I do like to swim! This is thoroughly perplexing. "

Bamba's mom wasn't really dressing him up in this photo, but my point is, the wire is wearing a bath robe! Dogs, especially our very dignified breed, don't belong in robes, just look into those eyes, he looks positively possessed!

Well, I like to think this has been a very incisive and instructive post for all you humans out there bent on humiliating your pets over Halloween. If I have saved ONE animal from this blatant ridiculousness, than my time online today has been worthwhile!

I end with an interesting story I read this morning over breakfast. It seems a disgruntled lady in Romania is divorcing her husband after 50 years of marriage, because he spends his entire pension on food for the stray dogs that hang out around their home:

Eliza Barbu, 70, has grown tired of what she perceives as her husband's wasteful habit of feeding the entire contents of the couple's larder to a pack of 20 stray dogs up to three times a day. She said: "I cannot accept the fact that we are starving every week while he uses his entire pension to feed the dogs that gather around our house."

My hunch here, being an astute canine, is that Mr Barbu prefers the company of stray dogs to his nagging, bitching wife.