Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Good News and Possible Employment

I love starting off a blog post with HAPPY news! I heard from Bigfoot Fletch's mom Carol that Scubie, the 6-year old wire featured on my blog on May 11, has found his forever home! Carol wrote:

Just wanted to share the good news that Scubie - the little guy from Forida who was looking for a home is now a San Francisco boy. According to a friend who checked out his new digs for us, he will not be treated like a dog, but like a king, in his new home! Way to go Scubie!

Wow, I hear San Francisco is one cool place to live! Scubie's new family sure is lucky to have him! All the readers of my blog wish you a long and happy life Scubie!

So I was reading the NY Times today and think I might want to apply for a new job. Apparently humans are now training us canines to sniff out everything from counterfeit CD's to bed bugs! Seems that New York City is being overrun by these nasty bed bugs and they are relying on us to sniff them out in record time. I quite fancy this kind of work - afterall we terriers were born to sniff out vermin, bedbugs aren't that different! If I get bored laying about the house, I might just go to Monster.com and see whether there are any bedbug sniffing positions open in Pennsylvania!

Dad is away tonite working in North Jersey in some town full of Hoboes (Hoboken). So Dad told me this morning that I am the man of the house for the next 24 hours and to protect and look after my Mommy. I will take my job very seriously and will sleep on Dad's pillow (nothing too unusual even if Dad is in the bed) so Mom won't be lonely. Frankly, between you and me, I don't think it's very cool of Dad to abandon Mom less than 2 weeks after their wedding! But not much I can do about it...humpff.