Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mother Takes to the Kitchen

On Sunday morning, my best human pal Lynne (pictured with tampons in her ears in my last post) came by in her car, picked me up and took me on a long hike in the Wissihiken Creek. Man, it was a blast! I hiked and swam and had a terrierific time! Mom and Dad said they did too, when I got home they were just getting out of bed. It was NOON!

Mom made up for her lazy behaviour that afternoon, when she took to the kitchen in a cooking frenzy. When we were in Massachusetts, Mom observed Gracie's Mom making what is called a "Yankee Pot Roast". Mom and Dad enjoyed eating it, so Mom decided to try to make her own. I helped!

As you can see, the ingrediants are a big hunk of beef (Mom used rump after questioning unsuspecting housewives in the supermarket); carrots, parsnip, onion, potatoes, celery and beef broth and a packet of onion soup powder. First you cut everything up, then you sear the beef on the stove:

Then you throw it all in a crockpot/slow cooker (first picture) and let it cook for a LONG time. Too long for my patience...at the end, it comes out looking like the second photo:

Mom does not like to waste food. So she had many vegies left, so she thought, "I have a cunning plan, I'll make a vegetable soup!" Not that she knew how, so she winged it. She threw all the vegies in a big pot, added vegie stock and water, spices and let it boil away.

I didn't get any soup, but I have been enjoying the pot roast, it's very yummy. Luckily after eating it for 2 meals, Mom and Dad are sick of it already...I lucked out! Yummy.

Mom's creativity continued into the evening when she started work on a new arts and craft project - a room sign for her good friend's new baby girl in Atlanta. Her name is Hannah. I think it looks pretty cool - Mom should make me one - only I don't have my own room!! She loves doing this sort of thing - personally I think chewing a dingo or destuffing a toy is far more satisfying....

I want to send special love to my pals Ozzy and Romeo and their Mommy Jen who suffered a horrible tragedy on Thanksgiving day - the loss of their Dad and husband. We think of them every day and transmit warm, healing, loving wirey vibes to them up in NY. If anyone out there would like to express your sympathy to them you can visit their blog above or email Mom for their mailing address. They really need our wirey support at this time!