Friday, September 09, 2005

Frisky Saves the Day

Amid all the human suffering and photos of abandoned pets, there is a heartwarming tale of Frisky the mutt.

The mutt, who's nearly blind now, is a schnauzer-poodle mix and, at 19, is the equivalent of 133 in human years. The unimposing four-legged friend gave Mitchell reason to live when Katrina was slamming the Gulf Coast.

"My little friend and I had a party that night," Mitchell says. "We had a big party. We spent the night treading water and swimming. … This thing (Katrina) was the monster of them all. About four hours after I was treading water and all, I was about ready to let go, and I felt this real peaceful feeling, like, 'This is it.' Ya know? And I was about to let go and, all of a sudden, Frisky was on that mattress and come running to the corner of the mattress, and he kissed me and kissed me and kissed me. And it kinda snapped me out of it, and I was able to come back."

After what seemed like a lifetime, the mutt and his owner managed to escape the house.
"Frisky is "why I'm here," Mitchell says. "I couldn't ever express the closeness between he and I. It's amazing he's stuck around (all these years). I think he's waiting to cross the River Jordan with me. That's what I think he's waiting to do."

Once again this illustrates the love we canines feel for our faithful owners. We are not mere animals, we are beings with love and loyalty in our hearts.

Now, continuing on from yesterday's post - I have good news for all those desperate bitches out there - I have some new handsome wires to introduce you to!

Meet Jeeves - he is an urban New York City dude. He sure has a great smile:

From urban to country boy - here is Jasper from Oklahoma, who is 1 year and almost 8 months old. What a doofus look he has in this picture, heh heh:

Then there is Mackie - who I seem to recall is related to that gorgeous gal Maggie - I think they are siblings, but I could be confused:

Then there is Kramer. Poor Kramer, he had his balls chopped off just yesterday - I can't fathom what that must feel like. But I have overheard mom and dad say they don't plan on putting me through that for quite some time. My hope is - NEVER!

And, saving the funniest fellow for last, meet Dylan who enjoyed getting covered in poop after a walk down by the river. No bitch will come near you looking like that dog!

To my human and canine friends, have a great weekend! I'm outta here!