Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Winter is for Hibernating!

We hope the title of this post will explain our absence. Just last week I got a very rude email from my grandma in South Africa calling me a quote, "Lazy Hound" for not blogging! I was most offended. I think she needs to apologize and send me some "Good Boy Treats" - they are these yummy treats Mom brought me from SA - little round pieces of fake chocolate that tastes like the real thing...

Anyway, so I'm back. It's been a very sad week in doggie blog land - Bogie's beloved daddy Klaus passed away after a sudden and awful illness. We were all praying so hard for his recovery, but sadly he crossed over to heaven on the weekend. We can't stop thinking of Bogie and his Mom Lulu and the sorrow they must be going through. Please keep them in your prayers.

Yesterday, the white stuff came down - all 8 inches of the stuff. Today I had a grand old time in the dog park. Humans were sledding with their dogs and I ran up and down barking at them. I am known as the Dog Park Referree because I bark at any dogs who get out of control. Of course, often I get yelled at by the humans, they accuse me of getting the already worked up dogs, more worked up. Go figure! Dumb humans.

Not much going on. With the weather so cold, we've been indoors a lot and as a result I've been subjected to mindless TV drivel like The Bachelor and Idol...More proof I'm afraid to say it...dumb humans.

Superior Being.