Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Loving

Hello All,

Sorry I've been rather lazy about updating my blog. Unlike wintertime, I have better things to do than to sit at my computer when the weather is balmy outside. I've been having a glorious time!

Aunty Lynne has been taking me on many combo hikes and swims in the woods. Sorry no photos, but they are coming soon, as Aunty did take photos this weekend on her new digital camera and she promised to let me have some for the blog. We do six miles at a time, and I love every minute of it!

Mom and Dad try their best but they are lazy! On Friday Mom took me to Fairmount Park near our house where there is a small pond. I met a new Rottie Mix friend who's name I forget, and we had a swell time running and jumping in the pond. Actually Rottie pal doesn't like to swim, go figure! Here are some pictures of the good times spent...don't I look like a skinny guy? I think the hiking with Aunty has caused me to lose a few pounds!

Summer in our house also means great snacks! The ice cream man drives around every evening and Mom and Dad usually share a soft serve ice cream with me. And every night more or less, we braai - that is the South African word for barbeque (its pronounced BR-eye) - hotdogs, burgers, steak, fish and of course, buttery corn. I love corn but I'll be damned, the stuff goes out in my poo in the same form it went in...have any of you noticed that?

Not much else to report, it's lovely outside today - around 80F and due to rain soon. I have been thinking of my pals Butchy and Snickers in Iowa a lot, I hope everyone affected by the horrid floods are doing okay. I'm going to say good bye for now and go back to sitting on our front steps with Dad as I was doing before I came in to blog...

You may notice I have black stripes on my head - after my walk with aunty yesterday I was so tired and hot, I crawled under her car and result? Greasy head! Heh heh. You will also notice that Dad shaved off his goatee and mustache (and chimes in Mom from the passage, needs a haircut, "he looks like Crusty the Clown!"). Mom didn't notice at first, and then when she did, she decried its removal and demanded its return. Dad is contemplating...he, poor deluded soul, thinks no beard means he looks younger! That theory doesn't fly with me, I have a beard and I still look like a young, dapper Wire! I kinda like that we looked like father and son...I too hope he grows it back!



Agatha and Archie said...

Hi Ax!! Isn't summer grand!! You look fabulous!! And your coat is looking lovely!!! You also are looking very tall to us!!! Be carefull with the corn cob..we don't know why it is bad but we saw on the DWB scrolling site something about a fellow doggie who got dreadfully sick from the cob. We love corn but do note the same thing!!! Hardy har!!!!!! Love and summer kises A+A

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey Axel, Yes, you ARE looking skinny! I hope you're not getting too skinny for the Substantial Wires Club, hehehe! As to your Dad's facial hair, well J1 and I are in disagreement. Pawsonally, I think everyone should have a beard so I say GROW IT BACK! But J1 isn't quite so keen on beards except on dogs.
Yes, I second A&A's comment about taking care with the corn cob. My pal Harry had to undergo major surgery after eating one. Although he survived the surgery and lived for another year or so, he recently died. Very sad.
J x

Princess Patches said...

Hi Axel! Looks like you and your Rottie mix pal had lots of fun! We Airedales vote for your dad growing the beard back. In fact, we vote for EVERYONE to grow one. Okay, not the womens! Wait a minute...we're all females and WE have beards!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Asta said...

You suwe look like a pup having a gweat summew..and those long hikes besides being fun have made you vewy slendew...Mommi and I awe big fans of Beawds and mupstaches..Daddi once shaved his off in thiwtythwee yeaws..and Mommi hated it..he didn't look like himself..and it doesn't make you look youngew eithew ...besides youw Dad IS YOUNG!!!
smoochie kisses

Urban Smoothie Read said...

that's really nice to have a friend to run with

Wuffstuff said...

Is it possible to be that scruffy yet still be so attractive.

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Hope you have time to have a look at us.



William Tell said...

Yes, summer is grand! We love the warm days here, now that it's stopped raining so much.

Your Dad looks fine without the beard, but since a lot of pinkies and pets resemble each other, we think he should grow it back so he looks like you again. Just our thoughts...

Happy Tails,
William Tell

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Axel, Man...u are but a mere shadow of urself!!!!

Sounds like u are having the bestest summer yet!!!

Um...Scruffy ate a corncob last summer...still haven't seen it. Probably in that part of his netherregions that holds socks and things. But...we don't recommend it!

The corn does seem to wend its way out in the same condition as it entered...whatsup with that???

We all love corn on the cob...'specially with lotsa salt and butter...

Barkin' at ya Axel!


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Pee Ess...Lacie sez ur Dad looks very handsome with or with out the beardie!!!!

Deetz said...

Hi, Very nice to meeted you too..and thanks for stoppin by and wishing me a happy barkday

Lenny said...

Looks like fun, Axel! I'm glad you're having a great summer!

Your friend, Lenny

Lenny said...

P.S. If your dad doesn't have a beard, it may mean more scritches under the chin for YOU from your mom!

Koobuss said...

Boy, that looks like lots of fun, Axel! Six miles of hiking? Do you do that everyday? And swim, too? Wow!! No wonder you look so slender. Good for you, Ax.

Great picture of your Dad, too. I like him without the beard. I'm sure that it's cooler for him without it.

Lots of Koobuss Kisses,