Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Anyone for Pink Eye?

This morning I observed Mom putting on her coat and picking up her keys, so as usual, I knew she was off to work, so I jumped onto my perch to watch her walk to her car. Only this time, out came my leash! Yippee, thought I, Mom was taking me with her!

Boy was I dumb. Guess where Mom took me this morning? Not for a walk. Not to the dog run. Not to Petsmart to choose new toys. But to the vet. The minute I got within a meter of the door, I smelled danger and sat down. Mom had to drag me through the door. Once I was inside, it was pretty exciting. There were all these cats walking around freely, and they didn't attack me or run away! I tried to chase them, but Mom held onto me for dear life. Every few minutes another cat or dog came through the door, and I appointed myself official welcomer. Mom was not impressed, as I refused to just sit down and be calm like the other animals.

When my turn finally came, the vet lady hoisted me up onto this big metal table-thing. I think it was a scale, becos Mom exclaimed, "My God, is he already 24 pounds!" The vet lady was pretty nice but I didn't like it when she started poking around in my eyes. Apparently I have pink eye, whatever that means, and now I'm going to have to endure eye ointment twice a day. Let me rephrase that, Mom and Dad are going to do the "enduring" - heh heh, I don't intend to make it easy for them. I don't like stuff in my eyes, thank you very much!

On a lighter note, Dean-O from Montreal sent me a link to the funniest online petstore that sells Chewish dog items - Jewish themed chew toys that include a bagel, a meshuganeh, schmaltz and a mensch. They all have squeakers -- maybe if I'm good Mom will get me one for Tu B'shvat which is the next Jewish's really the birthday of the trees though, not of the dogs!

Tonight we light 4 chanukah candles. Every night Mom burns a different color - it looks so pretty, I bet candles taste pretty good too - but Mom keeps them high on her shelf as she knows I have my eye on them!



Anonymous said...

What! No dreidl for Hannukah?
Your pal in Montreal,

Anonymous said...

I've had pink eye before too. It's a real pain... Mom keeps wiping my eyes and putting ointment in them. I'm really good while she does it 'cause I know I'll get a treat afterwards! I've already had cateract surgery (at age 2!!) so I don't mind people touching my eyes. Hang in there bud!

- Julius, in Maryland

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