Thursday, August 25, 2005

Moment of TV Fame?

I was fast asleep in my crate last night, when I was awakened first by car alarms going off, and then a little while later by the sound of police sirens and ambulance. I ignored it and went back to sleep, but Mom and Dad were awake and peering out the window. They assumed someone was sick and went back to sleep finally.

This morning, Mom wasn't feeling well (she's had a head cold for 2 days) so she slept in and then took me for a walk. So we're walking down the street and there are these men in blue and white uniforms all over - cops! And a police crime scene unit, just like you see on CSI! Mom asked a cop what was going on and was it related to the events of last night. The cop explained that an intruder had broken in to the house diagonally across from ours - through the second floor window! Last night was very cool, so people probably opened their windows for the first time. Anyway, the intruders stole her car but the lady and her spaniel were okay.

So while on our walk, this man with a microphone started asking mom questions about how she feels about the break in etc...and me and mom are going to be on Fox TV news! After the brief interview, he asked both of us to just walk past the camera - I was a smart we were walking I went right up to the camera lens and peered in! Ha! So there should be a good shot of me on TV tonite.

Mom didn't want me writing about this on my blog cos Grandma is coming to visit us from South Africa in 3 weeks, and we don't want her to think she is still in South Africa. So Grandma, if you are reading this, don't worry, this isn't a frequent occurence and Mom and Dad are hoping to install an alarm system, and I'll protect you (if I'm awake!).

Mom had a cadenza on our walk today - I was rolling on a patch of grass when she discovered I was really rolling on a dead mouse! Boy did she pull me away from there fast! Geez mom, don't you know we terriers were trained to seek out vermin - I was just following instinct, even if the mouse was already dead!

All in all, a most exciting walk this morning!!


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