Friday, August 19, 2005

Wiry, Sometimes Stinky, Friends

I want to introduce you to two more of my wiry friends.
First up is Asta who lives in Boynton Beach, FL (Mom lived near there for a year, and goes on and on about how she misses those S. FL beaches!) - he is 7 years old and his mommy's name is Janet. Boy I hope I grow up to be as handsome as he is!

For those of you who don't know, pictured next to Asta from FL, is the "famous" Asta who starred in the Thin Man movies and TV series. He basically is credited with putting our breed on the map! From Asta's Fan Website, I learnt that, "Asta was immensely popular with audiences in the thirties - so popular in fact, that many smitten fans wanted a clever little companion like Asta to call their own. Unfortunately, this surge of interest then led to an over breeding problem for Asta-like terriers. " That ain't good! My fave doggie TV star is Eddie from Frasier, me and Dad watch the reruns every night together!

My other wiry friend hails all the way from Pembrokeshire, West Wales in the United Kingdom (sounds so grand!). Her name is Tilly and she is pictured here after a delightful swim on her summer vacation in an area of S West England called Exmoor! She's a cutie and what a lucky girl to vacation in such paradisical surroundings!

Brenda, Tilly's mom wrote this funny email this morning! You won't believe what little Tilly got up to!

This morning before work I took Tilly for a walk in a field where cows had been . What did she do ? Rolled in a runny cow pat. What a smell. I had to sponge her off and she stills smells awful. I didn't have time to bath her so I think that is going to be tonights job. She looked so pleased with herself with this black runny goo dripping off her ear. I can still smell it now, sitting at my desk !

Hahaha! You go Tilly!!! Brenda, sounds like you may want to try some Skunk Off to get rid of the putrid poop smell. If it works against skunky smell, it should work for bovine excrement!


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