Friday, August 19, 2005

Mom's Inspiration

I often wonder why mom decided to adopt me. I mean mom and dad just got engaged, just moved into a house, you'd think they'd like to enjoy it all and relax without having to cope with me. Turns out, the final thing that did mom in (for years she had wanted a wire 'cos she grew up with one called Georgie), was a picture of Colby who lives in Winnipeg, Canada. Colby is now 5 months old, but it was the pic of him at 3-months that melted mom's heart - pictured left. Pictured right is Master Colby today.

I think we look a lot alike, we're both handsome dudes! Colby's mom Wendy is so nice, she's sending Colby on a vacation while her and David bounce about on a ship at sea! Boy is he lucky, he's going to the Santana Kennels which have executive dogruns and themed bedroom suites! Plus, the place is outfitted with webcams, so Colby's mom and dad can watch him online from their ship! Bloody awesome!



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