Wednesday, August 24, 2005

What a load of shit!

Can you imagine spending $1 million on dog poop? Well, that's what Budapest, Hungry is doing!

"Hungary's capital is launching a 200-million-forint ($1-million) campaign to rid itself of hundreds of tonnes of dog waste which land on the city's sidewalks and parks each year. City officials estimate that Budapest's 400,000 dogs produce around 14,600 tonnes of dog waste each year, more than the weight of the Eiffel Tower and the London Eye combined, creating a health hazard and a public nuisance."

Now excuse me, I may be a mere canine, but it gets my goat that the tone of this article blames the dogs and not their owners! It's not like we can help where we poop - it's not like we have toilets at our disposal. Geez. Pisses me off.

But back to my mundane life.
Last night I caught my paw in the dishwasher! Mom said it served me right for always climbing onto the dishwasher door when she loads it up. I just can't help it and besides, I am providing a pre-wash licking service. It seems I am not unique in this behavior!!

And speaking of not being unique, it seems I am not the only WFT who adores gazing at my image in the mirror. Check out that Pippin dude:

A quick shout out to my pal Noonie/Goldie Nissenbaum, a sweet retriever who lives in northern Israel. Her mom Becka tells me the stupid dog authorities impounded her yesterday as she was sitting outside their home watching her daddy Yaniv clean the floors! Becka was beside herself that Noonie would freak to be in an unfamiliar place, but when Yaniv paid her 400NIS bail (about $80), Noonie looked sad to leave the other dogs and come home!
Had I been Noonie, and falsely arrested like that, I would have bitten the dog catcher in the bum! Alas, a retriever is not a terrier!


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