Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Poor Jack

Just been weeping over my keyboard at this sad story from the UK about a farmer and his devoted border terrier mix Jack:

GAZING expectantly, border terrier Jack waits for his master to return.
The ex-stray would always sit by farmer Mick Boffey as he did daily tasks. But their inseparable bond has been broken after Mick, 61, was run over by thugs stealing his Land Rover. Mick had raced to the 4X4 fearing Jack was inside, but the little dog had already been dumped.
Since Mick's death, Jack has hardly eaten and constantly sniffs around, hoping to pick up his scent. He still scampers to the yard when he hears a tractor, waiting for Mick to jump down and pat him on the head. Heartbreakingly, he has yet to realise his master is not coming home.

Poor Jack.

What more can I say?


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Anonymous said...

So sad to read a story like this one!! =(....Our dogs really are our best friends!