Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bark for Obama!

The world has gone mad. The TV is on every day and I'm hearing about greedy, failing banks being rewarded for greed and incompetance by being bailed out. I am hearing Obama and Biden, McCain and Palin debating the issues - not with each other mind you...that's tomorrow night! I'm even hearing about pitbulls with lipstick - as you know I don't think dogs should wear clothes, let alone MAKE UP! Gross.

I am not a political animal, but I have to state for the record that I am for Obama - I bark LOUD and PROUD for Obama! I'm looking forward to getting my Obama Bandana from Lenny - thanks dude.

I'm not the only Obama Dog fan - have you heard about Lilly Boxer, known as Obama Dog? She is doing her best to support Barack Obama for the 2008 presidential election and we are calling on all our dog pals to bark for Obama on November 4.

After looking at all Lilly's videos I saw one that shocked me for a moment - it is entitled - Obama Dog Tired of Hearing About Terriers!!! But after I watched it, I understood and could not agree more - that's all the Old Geezer and the Alaskan Woman Killer of Moose/wolves and bears talk about... {{shudder}}

So there you have it. Will you join me?



Anonymous said...

We're here for you and Obama, Axel! Mom and I are going door knocking in our town this weekend! Wish us luck! --Ozzie and Reagan

Gus said...

Great stuff Axel. We are barking loud and proud too. All the dogs in Miz'sippi are howling about John Mc Cain and how rude he is being to their folk.

Muzzer is going to poll watcher training! She thinks it will be a real challenge in Tennemessee.

Teka loved hearing the Turkeys. she Bawked and yipped


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Eric said...

Hey, Lily dog is pretty smart, just like you and your Mom! I'm doing my bit by barking this side of the pond.
wiry wags, Eric x