Monday, October 31, 2005

Pre-Halloween Poop Fest

Wishing all my friends and fans a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

So this is my first Halloween...Mom said she will take me out in my cow costume later, but Dad will have no part in it. He says it's stupid to dress me up. Who asked you Dad - I want to see how many treats I can get!!

Speaking of treats, it seems Halloween can be a dangerous time for us dogs, so for my human fans, here are some reminders:
-- Keep candy wrappers, foils and lollipop sticks away from pets. They can be choking hazards
-- When children come home with candy, make sure that pets have treats too. (Amen to that!)This will distract pets from wanting to investigate the candy.
-- If you want to dress your pet up in a costume make sure that the costume does not restrict their airways or have parts that can easily get caught on something.
-- Be aware that even the most mild mannered dogs may show a different side when they have strangers constantly coming to the house. It is best to keep animals away from the door.
-- Keep lit pumpkins and candles out of reach of wagging tails.

Actually, I better go easy on the treats, I've had a bad case of the shits for the last 24 hours. I was sound asleep under the bed (yup, now that the heat is on, I'm happy again to be under the bed for at least part of the night) when I felt my belly move. I tried to wake Dad, but he was dead to the world, so I ran downstairs and boy, I made the biggest poop ever, it was so big it stuck to my bum while I was in mid crouch. When dad finally came down, boy did he get a surprise...he thought maybe a rottweiler had broken in and left big poop on the carpet. ha! So he cleaned it up and we went back to bed. But would you know, the belly groaned again, and this time Dad ran down with me to let me out, but alas, I just couldn't hold it in...and out it came, all over the carpet again. Poor Dad...I felt bad. But not bad enough to prevent me from grabbing the papertowl while he was wiping up the mess...heh heh, I just love to shred the stuff.
Lucky Mom, she slept through the entire poop fest! Or was she just pretending to be asleep?


Sunday, October 30, 2005

Perfect Fall Day in the Park

Oh boy, did we have a glorious day today! Mom and Dad took me to Lemon Hill Park and we were there for a long time taking in the beautiful mild temperatures and the sunlight. I ran into my friend the Golden Retriever, and we had a swell time as you can see:

Then I played catch with my fave green ball:

And we went to the brick wall and gazed at the beautiful view of the Schukhill river:

And I enjoyed some cuddles with Dad:

All in all - the PERFECT Dog Day Afternoon.
And now it's time to nap! Toodles!


Friday, October 28, 2005

Out Darn Sock!

Good news! Remember my silly friend Mackie swallowed a sock over a week ago? Well, this email arrived last night from his mom Melissa:

"Weeks after my Mackie ate the infamous nylon sock, hefinally vomited it up. I was waiting patiently for himto pass it, but it came up the other way. I can't tell you how heavy the darn thing was..."
Heavy? And I bet really really smelly! Yuck! I hope you learnt your lesson Mackie - no more socks pal, ok?

Well, I WAS feeling so crummy over my pathetic haircut until a dear friend (who's identity I will keep anonymous out of respect for his dignity) sent me this picture of himself and his really bad haircut. Poor dude, that is a bit too close to poodlish for comfort! No Wire should ever suffer such poor grooming - though I do understand that this haircut was required due to some medical problem on the dude's legs. Hopefully he's recovered fully and looking like the handsome wire I see lurking beneath that haircut!

I tell you, some Wires really live the good life. I mean I'm not saying I don't, but my pal Tilly in the UK goes on vacation more often than I poop, and that's OFTEN. Check out these pics of her having a frolicking good time on her latest holiday. The first pic is of her climbing a cairn, and in the second she's just chilling with her Dad:

Tilly's climbing adventure reminds me of an astounding story I read in the English press this morning. It seems a dog has escaped death and was left unscathed after falling 100 feet over a cliff on the Dorset coastline. "Three-year-old black Labrador Bracken was walking with its owner and her daughter, when he slipped and fell off a ledge at Peveril Point, near Swanage."
Not only did he survive, he was unscathed! Just shows what strong stuff we canines are made of!

Nothing very new to report in my life, except that sadly my petsitter Rose resigned yesterday as she needed to get a full-time job. I will miss you Rose - let's stay in touch! Poor Rose was blubbering when she left me yesterday. She must really love me. What's not to love?


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Of Piggies and Tall Dogs

Last night I ate my first piece of swine! Mom wasn't overly delighted that Dad shared his Chinese pork ribs with me as she does not eat any Piggy products, but boy they sure were delish. I got BBQ sauce all over the floor and my paws, again much to the delight of Mom. Not.

But then again Mom wasn't in the best of spirits as she and Dad went to see the Body Worlds exhibit at the Franklin Institute (Science Museum) and she found it rather nauseating to see dead bodies on display. I heard her tell Dad she was quite horrified at what was under her skin after seeing the human body up close. Every time she munched on her sesame chicken she was heard to say to Dad, "I'm picturing the passage of this food through my body and I feel grossed out!" Dad didn't seem bothered, he ate the ribs, chicken and won ton soup!

Hallelujah the rain has stopped! It's also quite sunny but it's still very cold. Dad turned on the heat in our house and I was quite fascinated to feel the hot air on my face when I stood over the vent.

I think I told you I am now sleeping with Mom and Dad in their bed and not under it. It's all very cosy but last night I fell off the bed in mid sleep. Or so Dad says. My theory is that I was "pushed" off while Dad was thrashing about in his sleep. I think it's time we got a bigger bed!

Speaking of which, can you imagine sharing your bed with a 7-foot Great Dane? This morning I read about the world's tallest dog named Gibson who is a three-year-old Harlequin Great Dane.
"Gibson stands over 7 feet tall when upright, but the official measurement is taken from paw to shoulder. The dog measured 42.6 inches in the summer of 2004 when the world record was certified, but his owner said he's still growing. "I've had Danes since 1981," said Sandy Hall. "I've never seen anything like this."

Me neither! But I sure would like to play with Gibson. I love big dogs!!


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Help! I Look Like A Freak!

Boy did I get massacred at Petsmart Groomers yesterday. In under 2 hours and for less than $25 they told my parents that I had been stripped. But just look at me - do I look like a fine speciman of striphood? I think not!

I look like a damn poodle...not that I have anything against poodles, some of my best friends are poodles, but we Wires are not supposed to be fluffballs. And can you see my eyes? I can't! I look silly. This is embarracing. I may have to hide out and refuse to go on walks!

Anyway Mom swears that she will sue Petsmart if my colors start fading...and they will not be taking me back there. Phew. Dad says he will learn how to strip me. Uh oh...this could get interesting. Oh and to add insult to injury, they attached a big orange bow to my collar saying Happy Halloween! I looked like some sort of perverted Halloween gift! I tried to bite it off, but couldn't, so Mom cut it off and threw it away.

Wilma the Hurricane is blowing through Philly today - it hasn't stopped pouring! It's not fair - why does the rain always coincide with Mom's Jewish hols off work days. She is off today and tomorrow again for Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah -- but looks like we'll all just be hanging out at home. Perhaps not a bad thing given my weird haircut!

Last night Mom made some tuna casserole and tossed a few noodles into my bowl. Unbeknownst to Dad, I took them downstairs to the basement and hid them in dad's backpack so I could eat them at a later stage. Just my luck - Dad found them instead. You should have heard Mom and Dad laugh at me! What is so damn funny about hiding noodles in a backpack? I don't get it at all.


Monday, October 24, 2005

Groomer Bound

Oh joy! In a few minutes Dad is taking me to the groomers! I believe my favorite groomer Alex up and left Philadelphia for Mexico! So who knows who will be stripping me today - I just hope they know what they are doing! My coat is in a pretty bad state despite Mom and Dad's efforts to comb out the mats...I have a feeling it is not going to be a fun day!

Yesterday Grandma's photos arrived in the mail and there were many cute ones of me! Here is grandma taking me for a walk down our street, and me sitting on Mom's lap eating a delish cookie.

And here I am in the doggy park having a drink after an exhausting play session!

Guess what I did yesterday? I purposefully would not poop for Mom when she took me into the yard as I knew she would get impatient, and when she gets impatient, she opens the puppygate that blocks off this strip of yard that runs parellel to our neighbor's yard. The thing is they keep it closed off cos there are holes in the fence through which I can slip through! The neighbor Rex's yard is far more interesting than ours, it even has a pond! So as expected, the barrier was lifted in an effort to encourage me to poop over there, and before you could yell "pooch on the loose", I was through the fence and having a rocking good time in Rex's yard! Mom and Dad were hysterically calling for me to come back, but I just ignored them and pretended I was deaf. I stuck my front legs in the pond and ran around until Rex came out and caught me and sent me back over the fence! Darn it! Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!!

Oh no, I can hear Dad coming up the stairs...I better log off - time to go get cleaned up! I'll post photos later of my grand new look.


Friday, October 21, 2005

The Great Switcheroo

I thought Mom and Dad were leaving on vacation yesterday as suddenly suitcases from the basement were hauled upstairs. I must admit, I had a bit of a panic attack at the thought of them leaving me. But when Mom started opening the cases and taking out thick sweaters and stuff, it dawned on me that the big seasonal switcheroo was underway. Winter clothes upstairs, Summer clothes to the basement. Wow, what a relief. I was so pleased I promptly made the empty case my new bed and lay down and went to sleep! Stress can be exhausting!

After a quick nap, I went to my toy box and selected Dad's old sneaker, my second favorite toy after my long legged cow. For some reason, that sneaker seemed to have a life of its own, so I felt compelled to whip it and try to kill it! I stuck my whole face inside at one point, to try and find the heart of the beast! No sneaker is going to outwit me!

Can you believe I woke up today and it's raining again! Dad pushed me out the door to go do my biz. I didn't appreciate that at all.

I know I shouldn't, but I still read the newspapers this morning. I couldn't quite understand this weird story entitled, "Ontario man arrested for having sex with a dog." As I'm just a wee chap, I am not very well versed in sexual matters. I tried to get the "Joy of Sex" down from Mom's bookshelf, but she cleverly put it out of my reach. And they don't offer sex ed curriculum in Puppy Class. So let me try to figure this out:
A man was arrested after neighbors reported seeing him sexually assaulting his family's 10-year-old female Rottweiler. While at the home, police learned that Huizar was living in a large doghouse in the backyard. Neighbors also reported seeing Huizar in his back yard dressed in a woman's bra and panties, dancing with a broom handle, police said.

Ok, I give up. I don't get this at all. Humans can be very perplexing, though I don't really think this crazy twit warrents even being called human. He sounds like a complete neanderthal.

Hey, guess what, 2006 is the Year of the Dog in the Chinese Calendar. Woohoo, I smell a great year a-coming!!!


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sad News Day

Sorry I haven't written for 2 days...Mom was home 'cos it's another Jewish holiday - the festival of succoth! When Mom is home, I don't get to go near the computer!

I have to admit, I'm feeling a little down in the dumps today. I should stop reading the newspapers over breakfast, I wish I wasn't such a media hound. Whoever said it was a dog's life, probably doesn't read the daily canine news. Just this morning, I had to read about Dogs Used as Shark Bait on French Island; Rabid skunk bites dog, which must be destroyed; Woman Found Guilty Of Setting Dog On Fire, Killing Children; Dog tied to tracks spared from train...
I just can't take it. How could anyone use a LIVE dog as shark bait or set a dog on fire or tie it to railway tracks? Sometimes I really despair of the human condition. I thank God everyday that I am part of such a loving, caring family.

Anyway, time for us to cheer up...Halloween is nearly upon us which means more scarecrows to attack and hopefully some trick and treating to be done! The Savage family sent me this adorable picture of Woody and his mom Alexandra sporting their jumperz from Aunty Brenda, against their scary Halloween backdrop - now this is something to smile about:

I have made a new discovery. It is more fun sleeping ON the bed then under it. My latest trend is to start off sleeping under the bed, but then around 2a.m. I wake up Mom or Dad by jumping up next to their side of the bed until they lift me up and I snuggle between them for the rest of the night. Mom and Dad seem to enjoy it too, especially now that it's cold - they lovingly refer to me as their living electric blankie.

Yesterday I was very busy. Dad took me to Lemon Hill park where I met up with my two best friends Swoop (shepard mix) and Bailey (boxer) and we ran and ran and had a jolly good time except that I was drawn to a burr bush and emerged, much to Dad's horror, encrusted in those nasty prickly things. I then had to suffer through an hour of hair pulling to get them out! Later, Mom took me to the dog run to meet a new puppy Sam who we'd met via Craigslist. Sam is a tiny little guy and frankly I felt like a great dane by comparison. I tried to play with him, but he was too little and he started freaking out, so I thought, screw this, and went to play in the big dog run with the real dogs!


PS Some person in Oregon won the $340 million Powerball last night - so once again my philanthropic ideals have been squashed. I hope this winner will use his/her winnings to improve our world.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Digging for Ghosts

You are probably wondering what the heck I am doing in the photo montage above.
Well, on Friday night, I became convinced that there was a ghost hiding somewhere amongst the couch cushions, so I started to dig right away. I must admit, I behaved like a dog possessed, nothing Mom and Dad could do would avert my attention away from my mission. They even took the cushions off the couch to show me nothing was there, but I was not convinced! I just know something was lurking down there! Eventually they forced me off the couch as they were afraid I would destroy it with my digging, and put me in a time out. Sometimes my parents are so clueless - I'm just trying to protect them! *sigh*

On Saturday we all went for a glorious walk on Lemon Hill as the sun finally came out! We found this cool, secret spot overlooking the Schukill river and watched the sculls racing on the water. Man, I would like to ride in a scull someday! The only crappy part of the walk was that I stumbled into a burr bush and got covered, so Mom had to painstakenly pick them out and when she lost patience, she just cut them out! Way to go Mom!

This piece of news made me almost throw up my breakfast as it brought on a sudden attack of giddiness:

Man and dog bounce to new record -- A new world record was set in Edinburgh after an American completed 206 jumps on a pogo stick in one minute. Shopkeeper Ashrita Furman carried out the attempt next to the statue of Greyfriars Bobby, while carrying a dog. The record breaker insisted the dog, which he carried in honour of the legendary terrier who stood guard by his master's grave, was unharmed.

Unharmed? Holy crap, my heart goes out to that poor hound - I can't imagine some freak clutching me while jumping up and down on a pogo stick 206 times in a minute! I bet if it had been a child with him everyone would have been up in arms! To break a record pogoing is one thing, but to inflict such craziness on a hapless beast is downright horrid! Humans can be so selfish and stupid sometimes! Makes me positively pissy!


Friday, October 14, 2005

Bed Socks?

I almost choked on my Solid Gold biscuits this morning when I spotted this cartoon in the morning newspaper:

I completely identify with it. I have three dog beds -- a crate with sheepskin liner, a zebra patterned furry bed and a huge round bed in the basement, but I choose to sleep UNDER mom and dad's bed. I enjoy their mystification as to why I wouldn't prefer to sleep between them ON the bed - how can I explain to them that their snoring and thrashing about disturbs me? Under the bed I can stretch out, the mattress forms a convenient sound barrier, and they can't reach me to drag me outside to potty! There is method to my (seeming) madness!

Can you believe it is STILL raining? Seven days straight. Boy it sucks! So did Yom Kippur suck as I only got fed my food, no human food was to be had all day! And more bad news, mom and I didn't win the Powerball...noone did! So our philanthropic dreams are on hold for another few days!

I spotted another contest online, this time for the Coolest Dog on There are 15 categories (including nautiest dog, craziest tail...) and it is free to enter! Prizes include a photoshoot for the cover of New York or Hollywood Dog Magazine! I think I might just try my luck again - but first I made sure to enter the Fox Terrier Network Photo Contest as my loyalties are with my fellow foxies first!

Finally, a message to my pal Mackie who just ate and swallowed his third sock much to the alarm of his Mom Melissa....Hey Mackie, what's up dog? Surely you can find more tasty treats to eat? The nutritional value of a sock is zero and it's not much fun to try to poop it out! Rather do what I do...learn to open the refrigerator door or overturn the trash, you'll find far more tasty fare in those places! Best of luck in passing the sock, my thoughts are with you...eek! (Pictured left is Mackie and sock, pre ingestion.)


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Philanthropy Rocks!

I have decided what I want to be when I grow up! A philanthropist!
As you will recall, I won October Dog of the Month on My prize was a $25 gift voucher for the website, and in the giving spirit, I decided to donate my prize to the Fox Terrier Network who go to great lengths to help my fellow foxies in need. I selected a Puppy Puzzle toy and sent it to the Network to use as a prize for an upcoming fundraiser. I never knew it could feel this good to give up my prize! Mom says if she wins the Powerball tonight ($200 something million), she too will become a philanthropist and together we could realize our dream of making the world a better place!

What fabulous creatures we terriers are, just read this story in the news today:

A young Jacksonville, Fla., boy found the abandoned squirrel last month. He named it "Chipper." The boy's terrier, which is named "Pepper," started following her instincts and mothered the squirrel. Now Pepper, who hasn't had puppies in four years, is producing milk again. She is nursing Chipper back to health and even grooms her newest friend.

So it seems that some terriers befriend and mother squirrels rather than hunting and killing them. Hmm, interesting. Pepper is probably not a pure bred terrier! Ha!

Things are solemn in our house today as it is Yom Kippur tonight when Mom (and maybe Dad) will be fasting from sunset to sunset tomorrow. I thankfully, will not! Mom is cooking a rather bland looking chicken to eat before the fast - if I was about to fast, I'd eat three chickens, a dozen potatoes and a pint of ice cream! I doubt Dad will fast, he can't live without his Coke!


PS No blogging for me tomorrow - I will respect my folks and Yom Kippur and refrain...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Of Manicures, Masks and Morons

I like to start my daily post with a pretty picture. Here is Miss Amelia posing ever so sweetly and ladylike for me. She emailed me especially to agree that we wires could never enter those ugly dog contests. She sure is ravishing, but look at those nails? Eek, she looks like Joan Collins - me thinks you need a manicure Ms. Amelia or do you keep them like that to keep Woody at bay?

Last night Mom got really mad at me. There is really only one thing that Mom absolutely forbids me from chewing and that is her bipap face mask she needs to sleep with to help her lungs. It is made of plastic and gel and fits over her nose. The thing is she looks like Darth Vader when she has it on, and I'm convinced the mask is alive and attacking Mom, so I try to pull it off if I happen to be on the bed with her. Last night, while Mom was in the bath, I crept into her room and managed to pull the mask off her nightstand and crawl with it under the bed. Stupidly though, I let my paw stick out, and she found me and the mask and went ballistic!

I only chewed one side of the gel stuff - it was so delish to sink my teeth into - but Mom had to sleep with one finger pressed against that side of the mask to prevent air seeping in. She had to order a new mask today and it only arrives in a few days so she won't be sleeping very well. I feel really really bad...I may just have to spank myself! How about I bite my tail extra hard instead?

It's been raining for the last 5 days and I'm sick of it! Mom and Dad force me to go out to pee in the wet, and I hate it. This morning at 6a.m. Dad tried to get me out while holding an umbrella over me...I peed eventually, but it wasn't pleasant let me tell you.

I read a great story, though a very sad one, today about Marine Cpl. Jeffery A. Boskovitch in Iraq who adopted an Iraqui puppy called Beans and made him their unit's mascot. He dreamed of taking Beans home with him to Ohio when his term of duty ended, but tragically the Marine was killed before this could happen. It then became his mom's quest to carry out his wishes and get Beans to America. I love stories with happy endings:
“It was bittersweet. I knew Jeff wasn’t getting off the plane, but I was so happy to have Beans,” his mom said.

I'm not an overly politically minded dog, but I really think it is time to bring our troops home from Iraq - too many are dying there and for what? I don't know...I just don't understand it. I suspect that geeky looking man I see on TV a lot grinning in front of a big white house has something to do with this horrid situation.


Monday, October 10, 2005

I am the Devil Dog

Sometimes I can be pretty evil. I can't help it. When I get excited my teeth seem to vibrate and I have to sink them into something. It's not my fault that God made human flesh so delightful to chew on. Nor is it my fault that Mom has this rich red hair that just hypnotises me and forces me to attack and pull it. I read somewhere that in some parts of rural Africa all red heads are considered witches -- heh heh, Mom, are you a witch?? So what I'm trying to say is...I am just behaving like an automaton...I have no control over my actions, they are completely involuntary.

And at least I'm not stupid enough to chew and swallow a duck! I read this morning that a Swedish Boxer swallowed a rubber duck (below) FIVE years ago: Apollo's owner thought the duck had dissolved over the years, as he didn't seem to be suffering any ill effects from swallowing the inedible snack.

But five years later he started being sick and refused to drink water, so his owner rushed him to the vet. An operation to remove the rubber duck, which had gone black and rock hard over half a decade, was a success.
Is that gross or what?

Well, just my luck, it didn't pour yesterday, so Mom and Dad left me and went to the Terrier Show at Montgomery Community College. They came home and told me all about it. How they saw lots of smart-looking wires and smoothies, and lots of other dogs like Scotties, Welshes, Airdales, Skyes, Westies and a few Shnauzers. But what really pissed me off was seeing their muddy sneakers and hearing about how swampy the grounds were. To think that I was deprived of the glee and fun of cavorting around in that delicious mud just gets me very depressed. Plus, can you believe this, they didn't bring me a single gift from the show! I know there were doggie stores there, I'm not stupid. And I know they stopped at McDonalds on the way home for burgers and fries, and they didn't save me a single fry! Whoever said, "ah, the life of a dog," didn't know what the heck they were talking about!!!

Anyway, I sat through Mom's gallery of photos from the show and tried to feign interest. I have to admit this little ginger bitch in the front of this picture, stirred my testosterone levels! Boy is she a cute one! Had I been there, I may have just jumped the fence and planted a lick on those luscious lips...hmmm

Mom also met another friend from the Fox Terrier Network email list - Kathy, mom of Lucy (see below), who you saw dressed up as Mark Spitz on my earlier blog posting. I wanted to meet Kathy too, and Mom says maybe one day soon she will take me to meet her and Lucy the wire!!

Mom and Dad also ran into Bob my breeder, and he offered them a 3 year old bitch wire, my great aunt, as she just had a litter and is now ready to rest and enjoy a good solid home life. I'm not sure I'd like a big sister, I'll have to mull that one over...and frankly, between you and me reader, I don't think Mom and Dad could cope with another wire, I am enough of a handful for them!


Friday, October 07, 2005

Wires on the Hunt

It has come to this.

We wires were born to hunt. We are convinced that all those dashing little critters were put on earth just for our sport and enjoyment!

I have heard from many of my friends out west what fun it is to chase possums - I alas, have yet to even see one. Being an urban wire, the only critters I ever get to see are squirrels and the occasional rabbit, but Mom and Dad keep a close eye on me and stop me from going after them. So dear friends, I am left to attack silly scarecrows which aren't much challenge as they don't seem to move.

I think it's time that our parents out there stop trying to prevent us from having a bit of fun! We were born to hunt, so for crying out loud, LET US! Who cares if the neighbors complain? if we stink from skunk spray? or if we decimate the wildlife of America population?

Below is a picture of my pals Woody and Amelia who are on alert for squirrels. Just look at that intense concentration friends! And don't they look grand in their jumperz?

Now I'm not sure if there is much wildlife in the cold climes of Canada - probably everything is hibernating up there? Our pal Colby saw snow for the first time this week and looks to be having a simply frolicking time cavorting in the icy whiteness. My theory is, he too is on the hunt...looking for that abominable snowman! I'll have to add that species to my wanted list!

I can't wait to discover snow too! Mom and Dad hate the cold, especially Mom who grew up in sunny South Africa where the last time they had snow was on September 10, 1980! That's how rare it is down there, everyone remembers the date it fell! I can't wait to get all cold and wet and run through the house! Ha, reminds me, yesterday I grabbed my water bowl and dragged it under Mom and Dad's bed, spilling water as I went!

Anyway, I'm going to sit on my couch perch and see if I can spot anything worth hunting. Here in the city, my only real live prey I ever see is the mailman!

Have a great weekend! Mom and Dad are off to the Terrier Show on Sunday - they hope it doesn't get rained out. I don't really care...I want it to rain so they stay home with me!


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Death to all Halloween Scarecrows

I have to admit, Rosh Hashana is not all that it is cracked up to be. Besides the tiny bit of honey Mom gave me to celebrate, I spent both nights at home while Mom and Dad went out for dinner and festivities. When they finally got home and I was dying to play, they were so bloated from all the food they'd imbibed, they wanted to go straight to sleep. The nerve! I think that's what my people call chutzpah!

It was however nice to have Mom home from work, and we enjoyed many walks and playtime. (We also watched Million Dollar Baby, and boy was I chuffed that Hilary Swank's character's dog's name was also Axel!) My favorite thing is to sit on Mom's lap in our yard and have her hold my chew toy while I bite it. Dad thinks it's the ultimate in laziness, that I can't even hold my own chew toy, but Mom gets a kick out of my snuggling on her lap like a baby.

A few weeks ago, Mom came home with a scarecrow on a stick that she planted in the outside flowerpot by our front door. She bought it to create a minimalistic Halloween look. I don't know why exactly, but I really hate that ugly little straw man! Every time I go out for a walk, I try to grab it, but for the longest time Mom or Dad yanked my leash and I haven't been able to get it. Until yesterday! I distracted Dad for a second and managed to grab the scarecrow and run inside with it. Man I was happy! I climbed onto the couch, between two pillows (to protect me from parental incursions) and proceeded to dismember the hated scarecrow. I tore off his head, pulled out all the straw and just had a bloody marvelous time as you can see below!

Did you know that in Afrikaans (that's one of the languages spoken in Mom's country of her birth, South Africa) a dog is called a "hond"? Well, in today's Washington Post I read an interesting article that made my tail wag. The car manufacturer, HONDA (coincidence? I think not), has designed a car that's friendly for dogs! Does this mean I may get to drive soon? Alas no.

It seems the car has "a special crate for dogs in the glove compartment [which] allows owners to interact with their pets while driving. A bigger crate pops up from the floor in the back seat area and can be folded back into the floor when it's not needed."

It's all very cool that Honda is now thinking of us dogs, but c'mon dudes, who wants to ride in the frigging glove compartment? We want to travel freely with our heads out the window! I think Honda should consult with a few canines on their next project - I would envision creating some sort of window box to travel in!

Of course this would never apply to us Wires, but just in case you know an ugly dog, is advertising it's search for the world's ugliest dog - if you recall I posted the current title holder on my blog a while back. The competition ad states, "Let's see 'um folks, bring those hairy, bald, smushed, droopy, wet, sloppy, entirely lovable pooch faces our way."
Lovable indeed. Yuck.

To prove my point, that we Wires would never in a zillion years qualify for that contest, I wanted to share a beautiful pic of my Canadian pal Colby who looks so handsome as he poses in front of his fireplace. Way to go Master Colby! Wish I was that hunky - unfortunately, I am an avowed scruffball most of the time!


Monday, October 03, 2005

New Years Eve

On this, the eve of the Jewish New Year (that's me blowing the shofar or ram's horn above), I can declare that I am one clean dog! Let me explain. Yesterday morning, Dad took me for a walk in the park, and me and Bailey the Boxer, had great fun playing in the sand and left over picnic trash. When I got home, I hate to admit it, but I stunk. I couldn't cope being near myself! I think Mom and Dad felt the same way, as I was promptly dumped in the bathtub and given a thorough wash. I did escape once - I think it was after Dad called me a drowned rat - and I ran around the bathroom soaking wet and full of soap. As the door was closed, they caught me and back I went.

Later in the day, Mom, feeling very adventurous, decided to try a new dog park, so we drove to Northern Liberties Orianna Dog Park described in Mom's book as one of the nicest dogruns complete with woodchip surface, poop bags, water etc. When we got there however, there was not a woodchip in evidence, only lots of very dirty sand and dust. And a big water trough to drink from. There was a nice Sheba Inu pup there, and boy did we have a blast! Mom couldn't stop me of course - I dived straight into the trough, got all wet and then ran around in the sand and mud! I had a grand ol' time until a big boxer came and pissed on me! Can you believe it? He actually lifted his leg and peed on me! So not only was I black and sandy, I also reeked of piss! In true terrier spirit, Mom just laughed and told the other pet owners that I didn't need my cow costume, I could just go as a coal miner on Halloween! Good one Mom!

When I got home, it was back in the bath with me, and you should have seen the color of the water! I was totally pooped after that...I just collapsed on the couch with Mom and Dad who were watching that silly Desperate Housewives show! When Mom and Dad went up to bed, I again ran straight under it and hid in the middle of the bed where they couldn't get me! Haha, they gave up again and I slept crate free!!!

Finally, Mom wanted me to share with you an email she received from her cousin Annette in Australia. She wrote Mom the following:

Shit Dani, you're becoming more American than the Americans! You'll next be having bloody birthday parties with cake and jelly and popcorn for the mutts. You need to have a baby real soon me thinks!

Mom was pretty amused...she never did think she'd become "one of those Americans" but I've brought out the best in her! And hey Annette, don't go calling us mutts! We're highly pedigreed dogs! Oh and mom says to tell you, dogs are a lot cuter and much more fun than human babies!

Who am I to disagree?


Saturday, October 01, 2005


Well dear friends, I am nothing if true to my word. I promised I would go out and buy a Halloween costume yesterday, and I did. I shlepped Mom after work to Petsmart in the 5p.m. Friday traffic, so intent was I to show you all that I too am a fun loving wire! Dad is calling me a hypocrite for buying a costume after my diatribe against the practice. He may be right, but my defense is that it is for the best cause possible - a way to enter the Fashionable Dog category in the FTN photo contest to help dogs less fortunate than myself! And, I have to admit, it is rather fun dressing up and making a bigger fool of myself than usual. And I'm still hoping to get lots of cookies from amused strangers on Halloween!

After perusing the costumes on display, I settled for this one, because I enjoyed chewing the pom-pom tail! So without more ado, ladies and gentlemen and fellow foxies, here I am in costume! Go ahead, laugh at me, have a COW!

The weird thing is, when I had it on, I had this intense need to moo and eat grass...go figure.
Mom thinks I could be the mascot for Chik -Fil-A!

Not only do I look cute in my costume, but today I heard that I was voted October Dog of the Month on! Mom and Dad are kvelling and I can't wait to pick out my prize. Thanks to all my friends who voted, I feel so happy!

Today I went for my third vet visit - there I was, anxious to get in to see the vet, while the other dogs stood shaking in the waiting room. Afterwards, Mom, Dad and I went on a picnic to PennyPack Park. I'd never been there before - it's so beautiful and lush, so many things to sniff and see! Two years ago, Mom and Dad had a date there, so they were reminsicing about it and I got pretty bored so I climbed up on this big rock, and then ran down the steep side of it, and kind of fell onto the sand below. You should have heard Mom and Dad laugh at me!

Mom wasn't laughing earlier, in fact she was very mad at me! When she put on her glasses this morning, she couldn't see clearly out of them, she assumed they were dirty. But upon further investigation, she discovered that yours truly had stolen them off her nightstand while she was sleeping in this morning, and chewed them, leaving teeth incisions in the glass! Boy was I in trouble! Mom threatened to ask the vet to pull my teeth, but I know she wasn't being serious. How can I explain to her what a tasty treat glass is? Hair and glass, two of my favorite chew things! ha!

I'm all tuckered out now from the park, so I'm going to have a nap. So much excitement in the last 24 hours, wow! Life rocks!