Thursday, August 04, 2005

Attack of the Clones?

I very nearly choked on my kibble this morning while reading the newspaper. What on earth are these humans up to? The answer: nothing better to do than clone my species!

"South Korean scientists have successfully cloned the world's first dog. Man's best friend now joins a long list of animals that have been "duplicated." But what makes this achievement so remarkable is that dogs -- unlike sheep, goats, mice, pigs, or even cats -- have such a complicated reproductive biology that cloning them was thought to be nearly impossible. Now that canines have been conquered, will humans be next?"

The cloned Afghan hound, given the stupid name of Snuppy (stands for Seoul National University Puppy) was born to a labrador. Eeew, that gives me the creeps. Even creepier, the scientists aren't sure whether Snuppy has the make up of a 3-year old dog, the age of his father! I really don't think humans should be allowed to mess with nature!

Speaking of pregnancies, I wanted to share a pic of my wiry pal Copper and his mom Brenda P who is 6 month preggies. Copper's fave pillow is his mom's belly! Awww.