Saturday, January 27, 2007


It's too darn cold! That's my excuse for not blogging for a week folks. When it is this cold, I prefer to curl up and stay in bed. Little do Mom and Dad know that while they are at work, I climb into THEIR bed, put my head on THEIR pillows and pull the covers up to my chin. I managed to take a self portrait to show you:

Don't I look snug?

Last night I had so much energy that I got into a bit of mischief. I went into the parent's room and set about dismantling Mom's sleep apnea mask. I know I shouldn't have, but I did notice that she had a brand new one delivered today - so technically, the way I see it, she didn't need this old one. So I was doing her a favor, no? Unfortunately, she didn't see it that way. She was rather pissed at me and even more so when she discovered that my fur was full of sticky pieces of the gel mask. Eek. Anyway, I stand by what I did and am proud of the results. If I wouldn't have been would have been completely destroyed and would have been no need to recycle or trash it. But no...the parents have to stop me.

This morning I went to the vet to get a bordatella shot. I don't mind visiting the vet and I didn't even feel the shot or protest when my nails were cut. Can you believe the vet thanked me for being such a good boy!? I got weighed by the way, and I'm a staggering 28.5 lbs now. Mom asked the vet if she thought I was overweight and the vet said I was certainly getting there. She had the audacity to tell Mom to replace my milkbone and rawhide treats for carrots! I mean, seriously, what a crock that is - Mom and Dad will be the laughing stock of the dog park if they rock up with carrots in their pockets. Last time I checked, we were not donkeys!!!!

I just got home from playing with Gracie so I'm rather tired. Think I'll curl up on my couch perch for a while.