Sunday, April 16, 2006

Butter Thief

Tonight Mom and Dad were eating a delish meal of roast chicken and potatoes, and I sat there praying for a few tasty morsels. I always sit on Mom's side as she tends to drop stuff more readily than Dad. Anyway, after a few tasty pieces, Mom and Dad finished eating and cleared off most of the table. I'll let Mom continue from here:

So there were R and I cleaning up in the kitchen when we noticed that Axel had disappeared. Very strange, he never leaves when there is food to be had. R checked the basement. No Axel. I called for him up the stairs, no little face appeared on the landing to smile down at me. So I went upstairs to investigate...

And there stood Axel, in our bedroom with a guilty but delighted smirk on his face, and a bar of butter in his mouth. Clearly, we had left it on the table and the rascal had managed to jump up and grab it and run upstairs! When Axel saw me, he rushed under the bed, but being a fat boy, I was able to grab a leg and pull him out, seizing the bar of butter at the same time!

What a bummer - that's me Axel talking! I was looking forward to eating that butter, and was such a crafty dude the way I took it! Now all I have to chew is this old shoe of Mom's!

I had a very interesting day today. I went with Mom and Dad to visit Dad's 93 year-old grandfather who lives in an old people's home quite a long drive away. I'd never been to an old aged home before and at first I was quite scared of all these shriveled up people and their metal appendages - sticks and wheelie things. They were all very friendly and wanted to pet me. I tried to be friendly, but there were so many strange sights and smells, at times it was difficult. Later kids came to visit and I was allowed outside to play with them. I ran and jumped in the mulch and had a great time, and noone seemed to mind that I tore up the garden some.

Speaking of gardens, Mom planted some tulips yesterday and today I had fun burying one of my Milkbones in the muddy soil around them! I just have to figure out how to do it without getting a muddy nose!

Finally, happy Easter to my non Jewish pals out there...Mom and Dad had me sit through The 10 Commandments last night. Know what I noticed in between naps - no dogs in Egypt! When the Hebrews were freed from bondage, there were scenes of them leaving Egypt with cows, geese, sheep etc, but I didn't see a single dog! I notice stuff like that!