Friday, January 13, 2006

A Feeling of Impending Doom, but Light in the Future

I have only 4 days left to enjoy my balls. Come Tuesday, it will be time for my orchectomy - which is a very big word for the simple action of snipping off ones balls. I'm not looking forward to it of course, but I do at least know that my Mom and Dad are putting me through this for my own good, and the good of the planet. I know that neutering can also drastically improve my health and life expectancy. And Mom is anxiously hoping that what she read will come true - i.e. "that neutering also will make me more affectionate and less likely to roam, get in fights, or become lost."
Hey Mom, they're only taking my balls off, they aren't removing my terrier genes!! heh heh, so don't invest too much energy in those silly aspirations!

My wiry friend sent me this Larson Far Side Cartoon in the hope that it would cheer me up for my impending operation. Mom loves Larson - but frankly I don't really get this you? Mom was crying with laughter over it...the female species sure can be weird:

I am not sure whether my playdate with Lucy will take place tomorrow 'cos those dreadful weather people are predicting rain, so it won't be much fun, especially for Lucy's Mother to have me and her on the loose in her house!

Mom has started making enquires about where to send me during their wedding weekend. I'm still mightily pissed off that they don't want me to come to their wedding and don't trust me to behave...but I must say, after she posted an ad on Craigslist, we heard from this woman Kristel in New Jersey offering to host me. And boy, it sounds so great - long walks, playing with 2 cats, treats, my own couch, and wait for this...a doggy massage/yoga session - that this may turn out to be the best week of my life! I sense that Mom is concerned I will have such a good time, I won't want to come home!!!