Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bear Neccesities

It's taken me a good few days to recover from the excitement of the dog show! But now I am having a bit of an identity crisis. I think I may have some bear genetics in my heritage (but I don't want to imagine my great grandmother Wire humping a grizzly way back when...) because ever since the temperatures dropped, I have become extremely sleepy. I can't keep my eyes open after about 6pm...Mom says it is because I spend my days playing and romping with Gracie, but I have my doubts, we sleep a lot during the day too! Mom and Dad had a frank discussion about my possible slide into hibernation. Mom was rather happy at the prospect as she didn't think hibernating dogs would bark. Dad on the other hand was rather distressed - he enjoys having me, well, wired!

Dad is a strange one. He is like a bear himself - hairy and huggable. Just this morning, when the temps dropped to the low 40's, we found ourselves in bed together, snuggling beneath the blankets and snoozing our heads off.

By the way, the blog you are reading has been nominated for TWO awards. The Cool Site of the Month on; and Awesome Blog of the Month on Dogs with Blogs. If you have nothing better to do, please vote for me as Cool Site of the Month by clicking here - click on "international"and then Vote for Site of the Month. I still haven't figured out how to vote for the Awesome Blog Award - which I find embarassing for a dog of my intellect and technological capabilities. I have emailed my pal Opy for instructions and I will let you, my fans, know how to vote shortly. Congrats to my pals Bussie and Butchy & Snickers who also garnered a vote in the latter contest.

I'm feeling tired again...catch you later, after my snoozel.