Saturday, August 12, 2006

Of Parties and Playdates

Today is my Daddy's birthday! He is almost 6 in dog years but he looks like a spring chicken (pre-plucking). Don't tell anyone, but some mornings when the three of us are sleeping in bed, Mom reaches over to pat ME and sometimes, none the wiser, she ends up patting Dad's leg or arm! Dad is very hairy you see, and Mom can't tell us a part! Heh heh. I think Dad likes being stroked, so he never tells her either!

Tonight Mom and Dad tried out a swanky new Japanese restaurant (yeah, left me at home with the bark collar on) called Goji. They told me it was delish, and ever the thoughtful parents, brought home a doggy bag of grilled salmon leftovers for ME. I never ate salmon before, and I scoffed it all down. I know Singapore isn't Japan, but it made me wonder if my wiry Asian pals Mango, Party and Fever get to eat this sort of fare often?

Last night was Dad's family birthday party and he insisted on bringing me along (Dad takes me everywhere he can, and I love him for that!). I had a great time chasing the wild rabbits and squirrels, eating table scraps and birthday cake, and chasing the little kids (who I might add, all adore me).

Oh, I forgot to tell you what I gave Dad for his birthday present - a framed collage of photos of me and him from when I was a wee chap to now. He loved it! I'll have to take a photo of it and post it here next time. This morning Dad and I along with Elvis and Gia the pitbulls and their Mom, went to this cute area of the park I'd never been too - and it had a pond and creek! So Elvis and I splashed right in and swam and swam! Later we took Mom there too and she loved watching me swim around!

Oh, and yesterday, Mom went and got Gracie and brought her over to my house to play! I nearly had a kanipshe (Jewish heartattack) as I was so excited. You know Gracie is my best pal in the world! So here are the photos of us having a wild old time wrestling and looking for treats in the sofa. Mom promised Gracie could come over again as we played so well and didn't cause any mayhem!

On Monday it's back to the vet again for some routine shots (yuck) and to check my itchies. I think I may need more pills cos my paws are still itching something fierce.

Please join me all in saying a special prayer for my special wiry lass in England, Tilly, who has suddenly become quite ill and is recovering at a hospital in Bristol. Tilly if you recall is quite the rat hunter. Get better soon sweetie!

Well, I think I'm going to go put my head down and chill out. I found the perfect pillow to rest my weary head on - my fave stuffed animal - Leo the Lion. G'nite everyone.