Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Two Beautiful New Mamas

I think the Big Guy in charge of the world has lost his marbles. On the weekend it was warm and lovely. Yesterday it poured rain all day. And today, it snowed while the sun was shining! What next, frogs falling from the sky just in time for Passover? (For my non Jewish pals, the Passover story tells of 10 plagues wrought on the Egyptians including bloody water, pestilence, frogs, boils, hail pleasant plagues!).

Passover begins next week - hopefully I won't have to eat matzah! Mom's family do Passover very seriously, they clean, they change all their dishes and only eat Kosher for Passover food. But Mom isn't fond of Passover, so all she does is buy ONE box of matzah and a jar of horseradish. And maybe a jar of gefilte fish for Dad - she won't touch the stuff. She only eats her mom's gefilte fish but used to flee the house while it was cooking - the smell, she tells me, is AWFUL.

Anyway, the best part of Passover is that it means time off work! Mom works for a Jewish organization, so 5 days NO work! Poor Dad, no such luck!

Well there is brilliant news - both Tilly (right) in the UK and Maggie (left) in the US gave birth to 4 puppies each on Sunday, within a few hours of each other. I can't believe how teensy weensy the pups are, or that I was once that size! Both mommies look radient, and their human Mom's are really enjoying the experience too -- well except maybe Tilly's Mom - she is on poop patrol because Tilly is a lady and won't eat her babies poop like she is supposed to. Boy am I glad I'm a boy! Maggie on the other hand, apparently LOVES eating poop, all poop no matter whose behind it emanates from. Yuck.

Other great news is that Rusty the gentlemanly senior wire has found a home with the saintly Pam and her smooth boys. Poor Rusty was abandoned and ended up in a shelter. As he's an old guy, he ran the risk of a horrible end, but thank goodness there are beautiful people like Pam around to rescue foxies looking for a new start.

And more congratulations to our wiry friend Pip who has a new job according to his Mom Pat: "Pippin has become the Family Planning Advocate of the bird world. It appears that robins, cardinals, doves and other birds are NOT allowed to have mating rituals on the lawn. As soon as Pippin hears or sees birds bouncing or chirping, he CHARGES at them them and chases them away. This goes on for hours on end."

Keep up the noble work Pip. At least you don't kill them, unlike our pal Mackie who it seems is not only a sock eater, but also a baby bunny murderer! He killed three! I think I'll have to inform John Walsh - there is a serial bunny and squirrel killer on the loose in Maryland! Mackie!!!!

I'm a pacifist by nature, I haven't killed anything except a few squeaker balls and Mom's daffodils (not my fault she weeded the yard and left me no greenery but the daffs to pee on!).