Sunday, July 16, 2006

I Wish I Had Earplugs

I need some peace and quiet. Mom has had the television on all weekend, stuck on CNN. She seems quite upset when she watches the idiot box, yet she doesn't take the logical step and switch it off! It seems there is big trouble going on in a place called the Middle East. Mom used to live in Israel and has lots of family and friends there, so she is worried about what CNN calle a "crisis" but what Mom and Dad say are a WAR!

I of course wonder about what happens to the dogs when their owners are forced to flee their homes or hunker down in bomb shelters. I hope unlike most places, dogs are welcome at these shelters. I'm sure bombs are a lot louder than fireworks, so I really feel for my fellow canines in the war zones.

Back in my comfy little world, I wanted to update you on my itching situation. I'm afraid it is not much improved despite a visit to the vet, a cortisone shot and twice daily Benadryl capsules (adult dose). I also got bathed in anti itching shampoo yesterday which smelled just a little better than that Murphy's oil stuff. But none of this is helping me so much, I still itch too often and it's driving me nuts. Dad is going to take me to another vet this week. I hope he can help me.

Boy is it HOT. I love my walks, but walking in what feels like a hot cup of soup, is not such fun. Mom woke up at 7am this morning (very uncharacteristically!) and we went out while it was still dewy and cool. I also enjoyed the benefits of the park smorgusbord thanks to the increase of picnickers who come out when the weather is hot. Mom made the mistake (lucky me) of letting my off lead, so I could run and skip from one meal to the next till my luck ran out and Mom decided enough was enough.

Anyway, I think I'm going to head to the basement - at least it is cool down there and I won't be able to hear the war stuff on tv. And I can scratch and bite myself without Mom and Dad looking at me in dismay.