Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fave Auntie

This morning at 7am the phone rang twice and stopped. I woke up and listened and knew immediately that it was the signal from my favorite auntie Lynne that she was leaving her house to come and get me and take me for a magical hike! That's Auntie Lynne pictured here - she is always so much fun. We went for a nice long walk with some other friends in what was left of the snow, and then came home to Mom and Dad for breakfast. Every Sunday after our walk, Mom makes us all breakfast. I got a fried egg - yummy. But it gave me the poos later. But it was worth it I suppose, all that yellow runny stuff...

After the hike I was tired and yawned

and had a lovely long nap.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stymied...for now

Yesterday was supposed to be Laporte's hearing and sentencing, but the defense lawyer asked for a postponement and got it! We are all very disappointed as we were so ready to champion our cause. Our friends in Montreal were armed with binders of our petitions and CDs that Mom, Christine and Elizabeth worked so hard to compile; the media were all coming and many others including foster parents; people who helped in the rescue of the wires and even my pal Bingo!

But, I Axel G Chocholoza am the eternal optimist. This setback is not going to make me depressed. Instead, I see this as an opportunity to add to our petition binder print outs and get many more signatures! We are now at 13,766 - I am sure we can get to 20,000 by the next hearing date scheduled for April 8. And I am very proud to tell you, we have signatures from 64 different countries, WOW!

Besides, word on the ground in Montreal is that the press are still interested in the story and were very impressed with our petition. They interviewed Elizabeth and Bingo - I hope to get that link on the blog soon so we can all watch it.

Mr Laporte, enjoy your freedom for 2 more months, you will get your just desserts yet!

In local news, we got 3.2" snow yesterday. I've been having lots of fun hopping about. Photos soon, me promises.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Snax for everyone!

Dear Friends,

Many of you have written and asked where you can buy your own Snax toys - those fun, round, squeaky rubber toys from Petco - you can see me at right with my Snax collection. Some of you went to Petco and asked for Snax - that made us laugh a lot around here cos Snax is our pet name for the product, not the official one! Some of you tried describing them to the salespeople, but could not find them. They are also NOT on the Petco website.

So, Mom wrote to Petco for more information - and we are happy to say we got a great note back (Mom sent a link to my blog photos of me and Snax - and note that he said I was "a beautiful dog!" ). The Petco rep even referred to them as Snax too - I thought that was lovely. Here is the letter:

Dear Daniella,
Thank you for contacting PETCO. I am excited to hear that Axel has enjoyed having Snax around. Axel is a beautiful dog.
The product you described is the 2 inch Puppy Sweetie Latex dog toy SKU 938424. Regrettably, this product is not available on but can be found in various PETCO stores. I have notified our E-Commerce and Merchandising teams of your suggestion to have this product available online. I would advise your readers to contact their local PETCO store and provide the SKU 938424. They will be ble to verify if the physical product is available in their location.
For assistance with finding store locations, please visit
Thank you for your continued patronage. We greatly appreciate your kind comments and we will continue to serve you as best we can.
Manny B.Customer Relations Floor Supervisor

Mom was impressed with Manny B's lovely note and appreciation for my good looks. So go out and find your Snax people - just take the SKU number along. Let me know if you enjoy them as much as I do!

And in other breaking news: Our petition JUMPED up another 500+ signatures. Mom can't believe it and nor can Dean-O's mom - many jigs continue...


Friday, February 08, 2008


I was fast asleep on the couch when I heard mom SCREAM. I got a big ugly fright. Then I saw mom grinning from ear to ear. A smile wider than any I'd ever seen before lit up her narrow face.

"Axie Pax, We did it!!" she yelled.

The crazy woman tried to lift me in her arms (fat chance mom!) and do a jig, gave up and did a private jig by herself around the coffee table.

"We exceeded our goal of 10,000 signatures Axie Pax, can you believe that??!! 10,000 people said No More Dogs for Marc Andre Laporte!"

Then I understood her joy. I felt this feeling of intense joy creep from the tip of my tail all the way to my little black nose. It was a wonderful feeling folks! I thought of Bingo and of Honeybee and all the survivors of Laporte's hell, and of all the wonderful people who cared for those wounded dogs and all the special people who answered our call to sign the petition, and of our relentless partner in this campaign Christine and Dean-O in Montreal. And it was a very special moment indeed.

We will be printing out the petition and our dear friend Elizabeth will be presenting it to Judge Sirois at Laporte's hearing on February 22.

Stay tuned...we will of course update you as to the outcome.

A great big thank you to everyone out there who helped us attain this awesome accomplishment.

AGC and one happy Mom

Sunday, February 03, 2008

What I've been up to...

Yeah yeah I know. I've been on blogging sabbatical. Sorry fans. Mom has been hogging the computer building websites and working a lot. I've been busy myself:

First, I've been busy playing with my favorite toys - we call them Snax and Little Snax. You remember Balloon Man, right? He is now renamed Snax and you can now get Little Snaxes at Petco. I love them. Ok, I'm obsessed! I can't get enough of them. I now have one Snax and 4 Little Snax. I love them all. I take a Little Snax with me on my walk practically ever day. Mom pockets them if we are around big dogs cos she is afraid they'll swallow them. They squeak until I kill them, but even without their squeak they are such fun to play with and I amuse myself for hours throwing them up in the air!

When I get tired of Snax and Little Snax, I wrestle with Ike, my stuffed Wire Fox. Mom puts him on her lap and pretends to cuddle him. This gets me very riled up and jealous so I attack Ike and shake him about. Then we throw him all over the house and I retrieve him. Poor Ike is now blind, I took out his eyes and there is not much left of his nose. Oh, and he's missing some stuffing too.

Which brings me to Duck. Duck was a challenge. He was a gift from Miss Amelia for Hanukkah. He made (notice past tense friends) this amazing honking noise. I tried for weeks to kill him, but he would not die. However, after days and nights of persistence I got that bugger. Duck is now honkless and missing most of his body fat too. Heh heh!

Now that its cold, I have not been groomed for a while. My coat is thick and rather shabby, but it keeps me nice and toasty. Mom doesn't have much body fur, so she relies on hot baths ever night to warm her up. I always accompany her into the bathroom as I'm sure she gets bored lying there sighing or reading her book. I like to hop about and put my front paws up on the bathtub rim. The bath is a clawfoot tub and rather high, so its not easy for me to jump in. Which I do so like to do. But at least once a week, I succeed and SPLASH, Watch out got company!!! At which point, Mom jumps out just as fast as I jump in. She's no fun. I then take to drinking all the warm bath water and wading about... When I finally jump out, I always run like the dickens down the stairs and out the back door for a very long pee-pee!

So as you can tell, I have not been just sitting about doing nothing (or watching 14 episodes of Dexter in a row MOTHER!) while you were all left to wonder why I haven't blogged!


P.S. Snax also make neat hats!