Sunday, March 12, 2006

Smooth Couch Potatos

Finally, I snuck into the computer room 'cos Mom is working today - that big event that got snowed out is taking place today. Poor Mom, working on a Sunday! We got up bright and early, and Mom took me out in the pouring rain. There was race going on across from my park, and they had yellow ribbon tied across the road. It was fluttering and making a noise. I confess, it totally freaked me out. I put my tail between my butt cheeks, and dragged Mom home. She was delighted.

Anyway, Mom and Dad have been complaining that I have destroyed the couch 'cos I dig sitting up on the cushions and staring out the window. I am happy to report, this seems to be a foxie trait, it ain't just ME. And it is not confined to wiry fox terriers either, my smooth friends seem to love it to.

Check out David - who despite his leg cast, still manages to clamber atop his couch - what a trooper!

And here is the indominatable (shucks, how do I spell that?) Huckleberry from Washington State atop his couch!

And in case you've forgotten what I look like....

Yesterday was the greatest summery sure felt hot in my coat. Mom took me outside and put me on our patio table and took off a ton of hair with the stripping knife, but I have the whole wintery growth to strip down, so I didn't feel much cooler. Dad took me for a long walk and both Mom and Dad took me to the dog run. It was fabulous. Bring on Summer!!!