Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Fave Day of the Year

I love Thanksgiving! I inevitably amass a large amount of yummy turkey, and tonite was no different.

Here I am posing with the parents and our nieces and nephews - aren't they cute kids. We love to chase eachother - I adore them and they adore me. Foxies not good with little kids? Bah humbug, I'm brilliant with little kids. Dad took a video, that will go up soon...

There was a GREAT BIG turkey. I watched uncle Craig carve it up, my mouth was drooling and I was praying it would slide off the counter and on to the floor. I spoke to Jake, the resident dog, and we had a plan for making off with the whole bird. Unfortunately, it didn't happen...

At first I was forced to sit under the dining room table and pop my head up near Mom and Dad to ask for turkey (got plenty) but after a while, they let me sit at the table, where I really should have been assigned my own seat from the beginning!

After all the turkey, the dessert was laid out...oh boy, cherry pie, choc/marshmellow pie (Mom made it), pumpkin pie, cheese cake, banana cake...I thought I would have a heart attack...

Mom and Dad tried to distract me by offering me a fake rubber lizard instead. What kind of an idiot do they take me for??? Any terrier worth his salt can tell the difference between a cherry pie and a toy reptile!

So I didn't get any dessert - for that I am NOT thankful - Dad convinced me to chill with him on the couch. The minute we sat down, that triptofin stuff kicked in and we were in SnoozeWorld in seconds...

Other than the deprivation of dessert, it was a lovely thanksgiving! Hope you all had a good one too.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The NEW Me

Well, here I am. Debonaire, handsome and no longer Scruffy. It's a good thing you can't smell me, Mom says I smell like a cheap whore. MOM!!! Not my fault they perfumed me. Mom said she wished I'd rolled in poopie in the park after my haircut, "anything is better than that cheap perfume reek!"

I'd like to give a hearty shout out to two new wirey friends from Sydney, Australia - Bacon and Tuesday Jones - a brother and sister act. Please visit their new blog and say hi.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fuzzy Wuzzy

So as you can see, I'm a very fuzzy guy. My hair is super long which is just as well 'cos today it turned arctic in Philadelphia and we even got some snow flurries.

Part of the reason my hair is so long is because my groomer hurt her finger so she had to postpone our appointment over 2 weeks ago. I was not upset as I like looking like a scruff-muffin.

But I'm afraid my groomer is all fine now and tomorrow my friends, I get the spa treatment with stripping....Hmmm. I prefer to stay home and snooze on my spot on top of the couch!

So take a good look at me now for tomorrow I will look like a different dog. Here I am ensconced in velvet on my spot. Me and George from Seinfeld love the velvet. I feel pawsitively royal...

So come on back tomorrow night for pics of the new ME...I just hope Dad remembers to tell the groomer not to strip me to the skin cos I don't want to freeze and you know I will NOT wear a coat or sweater!!!

By the way, tune into Animal Planet at 8PM EST Saturday night - they are profiling Wire Fox Terriers on Dogs 101!!


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Our New President, Torn Toenail and Mom's Debut

I was fast asleep around 11PM last night when I heard mom SCREAM. I nearly jumped out of my skin. I ran to Mom and she was jumping up and down and then she started to cry. I thought she had lost her mind but then I heard the TV announce that Barack Obama had won the Presidential Election! I was so happy because the old geezer guy was scary and his side-kick even scarier (not to mention I was horrified that she hunts polar bears from helicopters!). I then sat on Mom's lap listening to his amazing acceptance speech. And just when we thought it couldn't get any better or more historical, Mr. Obama told his beautiful girls that they were such good kids that they would be getting a puppy in their new, big white house!! Hurrah!

Congratulations Obama Family.
Congratulations America for not messing up this time!

Mom felt very left out yesterday. She would have so loved to have voted for Obama but because she only has a green card and is not able to apply for citizenship for another 2 years, she is precluded from voting. She came home feeling sad and said to Dad, "I have to have my say. Please get the video camera." So Dad set up the camera and filmed Mom talk for 2 minutes about how she felt and what it was like to vote in South Africa in 1994 in the first Democratic election. She was in her pajamas and had no make up on. She didn't even rehearse. She just spoke. She then uploaded the movie to which is owned by CNN. Not thirty minutes later, our phone rang. Mom joked with Dad, "oh, that's probably CNN!"

And guess what! It was!! They said they liked what Mom had to say in her video and asked to use it on and television. Mom nearly fainted. For the rest of the night all Dad and I heard was Mom moaning about her lack of script/make up/wardrobe etc....boring! Click on Mom to see the video or click here.

Finally, can I talk about myself? I was running in the dog park 2 days ago and tore my toe nail. Yup, split it in two but not enough to pull it off. So this morning Mom shlepped me to the vet and she cut it off at the split and put a silly green bandage on it. Do I look silly?

Anyway, at least I only have to wear it for one day and take a few anti-biotics. I'll be ok.


Monday, November 03, 2008

Do What Mom Can't Do!

(Thanks to our friend Amelia for the cute pic)

Mom is very miffed that permanent residents (green card holders) in the USA do not have the right to vote. She says it is not fair - she isn't going anywhere (well, actually that's not true - if Geezer and Dingbat win tomorrow - she will be looking for continent #4 to move to - Australia or Canada?) - she should get to voice her opinion on who should serve as President of America.

We'll be crossing paws here tomorrow that everyone goes and casts their vote undetered by record lines at polling stations. Mom well remembers the incredible lines in the first democratic elections in South Africa in 2004 - they were so long, they had to extend voting by another day. Here is one pic from that momentous day:

Peace to all.