Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Message from Mom (again!)

AGC: Mom is hogging my blog, again...MOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!

Mom: Hello everyone (get down Ax!),
I just wanted to tell you that I will be going to South Africa tomorrow to see my family - Ax will be staying home with his Daddy. I'm not sure if he will have computer access while I'm away...

AGC: "What? No way!!!"

Mom: Sorry Ax...but it is just so. I promise to bring you a big piece of South African biltong (beef jerky SA style - incomparable to American beef jerky) to make up for it. How does that sound?

AGC: Hang on, I have to google biltong to see if it is a fair bargain....Well, after looking at - you got yourself a deal Mom. That looks yummy!

Mom: I do need to add one word of caution Axie Pax. For some reason it is illegal to bring biltong into the United States, so your Mother will have to smuggle it in. I'll gladly risk imprisonment so you can get your snack...but if you can send word to those airport dog sniffing beagles...that would be wise.

AGC: I'll see what I can do! Have a good trip Mom, we sure will miss you.

Mom: And I will miss you every day too Axie Pax. Be a good boy and look after Daddy.