Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Seeking a Snowball in a Hurricane

Remember I told you that awful story about the little boy who was forced to surrender his beloved dog Snowball when he was evacuated from New Orleans, and how he was so distressed he cried and vomited. Well, it seems I wasn't the only living creature to be horrified by this story - today on CNN I read of an outpouring from around the country of people on the hunt for both the boy and his dog Snowball in hopes of a reunion. Some kind lady even started a reward fund -- which hit $1,775 as of Monday. I will keep my paws crossed for a happy reunion!

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Heh heh, I did a funny thing this morning! Mom took me out at 6 a.m. and I peed and pooped like a good boy, and then mom let me greet Dad who was still sleeping in his bed. I jumped on his face and wiped my wet pee-pee on his face! Mom was convulsing with laughter, but Dad was a bit grossed out!

Hey, today is my very first grooming experience! I am going to be stripped and trimmed - I hope I come out looking like a striking gentleman because right now I look like a scruffy rascal! I will post a photo of my new look later!