Sunday, February 11, 2007

Snow is a-coming!!

I heard on the news today that Philadelphia is finally going to get a snow storm - not just a dusting like a few times this month, but real snow - 12 inches worth! I am going to sit by the window and wait...oh hang on, I can't get to the window anymore ever since our horrid neighbor complained to the cops about my barking. Anyway, I will look forward to stepping outside later this week and seeing a mountain of white always falls so silently, even we dogs don't hear it! I wish I was a dog living in Oswega, NY state - they've had over 100 inches of snow. Dad said he would kill himself. Haha. Dad is such a laugh.

Speaking of Dad, Mom took this cute shot of us snuggling. Dad loves me to pieces and never leaves me alone, he is forever rubbing my head and singing me the "little guy" song. Mom orders him to stop irritating me and flicks his ears and says, "see do you like to be pestered?" Mom is funny. I don't really mind Dad's pestering 'cos it is so rooted in love.

I love to hang out on my couch perch. Mom got me a blankie when the winter started, and I love to lie up there and get toasty - here I am rather sleepy...the camera buzz woke me up:

Of course the couch is my general hang out in wintertime. I also like to eat my smelly, greasy bones on the couch - Mom used to try to stop me, but she has since, wisely, given up.

Dad was home 3 days this week because he picked me up and hurt his back. Dad is my hero - he tried to pick me up because the salt they put down to melt the ice burned my feet, so dad was going to carry me for a while so I could recover - and wham, crack, and next thing I see, Dad is lying on the ground in pain. I felt very bad so I was a very good boy all week while he was home. We hung out on my sofa, watched tv, played playstation and did other guy stuff.

Photos of me and my pals in the snow are sure to follow later this week!!!