Monday, January 23, 2006

A Mother's Revenge!

I interrupt this blog with a message from Axel's Mother. Axel will probably be super pissed off that I hacked into his blog account and stole his password, but quite frankly, I don't give a hoot.
Axel cannot blog today because he is being punished for being a very naughty boy! The litany of charges against him list as follows:

1. Chewed Mother's cellphone - broke off and ate antenna, and left a litany of teeth marks all over the phone. See evidence below.

2. Barked from 11PM-1AM while Mom and Dad were trying to sleep

3. Jumped onto the coffee table at least 5 times in one evening, each time making an attempt to grab object thereon including napkins, glass of Coke, Coke bottle and mobile home phone.

4. Table surfed repeatedly - each time stealing something including Dad's Capital One bill, gloves, hat, Mom's wallet etc...

5. Tried to bury bone in Dad's back while he was trying to catch up on sleep as a result of charge listed in #2.

As no amounts of yelling, spanking, threatening with crating, squirts from the water pistol, begging and pleading have gotten through to our wiry guy - we have to resort to extreme means like this -- wire fox grounding and denial of access to computer.

There is no telling what the incorrigible hound will do to us when he discovers that I have hacked into his blog - either report me to Amnesty International with allegations or cruel or unusual punishment or devour some more precious objects around the house?

God Help Us!