Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Tribute from Rocky's Mom

I received this very moving tribute from Elinor, Rocky's mom today. She said writing her feelings helped to heal the pain and remember her beloved wire.

Rocky was very lovable and very loving. Everyone he met was an immediate friend, especially children. The highlight of each day was going for a ride with dad. Some days it was just around the block but, still, it was "go for a ride?" He played extremely well with Rosie, his big sister (Schnauzer), and with our two kitties. After a good romp with the cats, it was not uncommon to find them grooming one another. Getting his ears cleaned by them sent him to Nirvana. During the day, he was with me wherever I was -- protecting me from the vacuum cleaner or dustmop, helping sort clothes for the laundry; or hoping I would drop a tidbit while cooking. In the evening and during the night, he was definitely my husband's dog. He was a typical WFT in that he had a mind of his own but, most of all, he was a good little boy and very much loved. He shall be missed terribly.

Elinor, that is a beautiful tribute. I don't know if there is web access over the rainbow bridge, but I'm sure Rocky can feel your love in these words. It is so overwhelming to know how much joy we bring to our human friends, the love between us really transcends anything I could put into words.