Thursday, November 23, 2006

Home Again

Did you miss me? I certainly missed writing my blog! My imposter parents, E & L, wouldn't let me near their keyboard!

Anyway, I survived my weekend in Levittown. Or, it may be more appropriate to say, my imposter parents survived the week with ME. I have to admit, I was quite the bad boy! I got especially difficult when E & L tried to leave the house without me. I was so successful, E missed her train to work on 3 occasions! Not bad huh, that's 3 out of 5 days. SCORE! The poor folks, I felt sorry for them, when they started going to extraordinary lengths to get out their OWN house! They first erected a barricade using boxes from their garage - but I figured that out fast, and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. Then they took a folding table and tried to block their door with that. I had to laugh to see them clambering over it to get out the house.

One night I was especially bad. I stole a pen out of imposter Mom E's bureau, and got her to chase me around and around the dining room table. Of course I had no intention of biting the pen and spraying ink all over their house...but of course E didn't know that, and fell for my wise ploy to get her to play. It was around midnight, so she got rather pissed off to say the least!

But other than that, I was quite a well behaved dude. I gave lots of cuddles, ate my snacks on E & L's laps and tried very hard to befriend their three cats. I even brought my toys to them one at a time to entice them to play. But no luck there. It's true I guess what they say about cats and dogs...

Here are pics of me and my imposter parents - E pictured left, and L pictured right:

After what seemed like ten years, suddenly the doorbell rang, and there was Dad, standing at the door, looking all tanned and excited. I was happy to see him I admit, I think I'd given up on ever going home...but I decided to let him know I didn't appreciate being abandoned for a week, so I played the aloof card. Once in the car, I had an anxiety attack, started shaking and vomiting, as it struck me that maybe Dad was going to drop me off somewhere else and abandon me again. I couldn't bear the thought of getting used to another strange couple and strange home.

But once we arrived home and I flew around the house checking out all my haunts, I relaxed and boy, I felt so happy to be home. Then Mom came home, and I did quite a jig but then thought I'd induce a bit of guilt, so I drew the aloof card again. I like to keep them guessing.

Anyway, Mom and Dad showed me their photos from their honeymoon in Jamaica - and boy did I get jealous. Bet you will too:

Mom and Dad overlooking a cliff in Negril

Mom and Dad horse-riding on the beach. Mom's horse is laughing at her!

Dad on a paddleboat, Mom was seated next to him

Mom lazing on a chaise-longue IN the sea at sunset

There are dogs in Negril, albeit many stray ones. This dog lives at a craft store. You'll never guess what his name is!!?? REX! It gave Mom and Dad a shudder - in case you've forgotten, that's our "nameless" neighbor!

A pack of hungry Jamaican dogs. Mom said she wished she'd brought a box of Milkbones with her to Jamaica to feed all the thin dogs.

If you want to see all the photos, this is a link to the photogallery on

By the way, today Mom got an email from imposter parent L. It was short and sweet. It read, "E is missing your dog." I had to chuckle to myself, after all it didn't say "WE are missing your dog!"

Finally -- Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I spent the day with Mom and Dad at Dad's parents. I wasn't allowed any turkey (Mom claims it is dangerous for me...what a load of ...), but I did get a plate of ham! I never did profess to being a Kosher dog! Mom doesn't know what she is missing!!!