Thursday, April 12, 2007

My First Sleepover

Wow, what a day! First Mom took me for a walk and I found this huge pile of poop, and boy did I have a good roll in it. Mom is so stupid, she thought it was a bit of mud, but when we came home, the PONG struck! I was promptly dunked in the tub and doused in shampoo.

Then Mom and Dad left and 5 minutes later, came back - with Dozer, Gracie's new Shephard mix puppy brother! I did an instant jig. I LOVE having friends over. Mom told me that Dozer is spending the night becos his Mom had to go away. Dozer has my old crate -- he can enjoy it, I don't want it back thank you! So I was told he would sleep in there tonite and I would sleep, as usual, in the bed with Mom and Dad. I am so excited that I can't eat. I just want to play and play - I have more energy than Dozer. Boy, does he pee and poop a lot. Minute he drinks...pssss...out it comes. Minutes he eats...psfft...out it comes. Mom and Dad are rather amazed - they say I didn't do that as a pup. Poor Dozer - must be exhausting.

So friends, meet Dozer (enjoying my rubber chicken):

Here are some pictures of me and Dozer having fun:

I think you can take ONE look at my face to know how HAPPY I am to have my friend over for the night! I was standing on the couch watching him chew my chicken when this was taken: