Monday, November 05, 2007

Another Dinner Party

Our dinner parties are not as glamorous (or delish-looking) as Asta's dinner parties, but they are much fun none the less and I like to take an active part not only in the eating but in the shmoozing. And to do that, you can't sit on the floor waiting for food to miraculously fall in front of your snoot! So about a week ago, when Dad's parents came for dinner, I took every opportunity to take Mom's seat when she was busy serving or adding finishing touches to dishes in the kitchen:

Mom served London Broil with gravy, asparagus (I like it but it makes my pee stink!), caesar salad, roast potatoes with herbs and an Entermann's cake for dessert. Mom says to make it clear this was a spur of the moment affair, nothing fancy. Boy Mom can be defensive. They were actually going to order in, but since Dad had been away working for 5 days on the road, Mom thought he'd appreciate a home cooked meal. And he did.

When everyone left I felt a little sad - so I sat on the front step and hung out. Note I am not tethered or fleeing. I have really mellowed. I only go crazy if a stranger walks past - I lunge and bark...and I don't discriminate between little strangers or big strangers. Mom says I'm silly and shouldn't be mean to little strangers who are likely to get a BIG fright. Too bad I say, it's my turf, STAY AWAY!

Thanks for everyone's nice messages for Ricky Pepper's family - unfortunately the family have decided to find Teddy a new home to appease the horrid neighbor - so if you know of any Doxie-loving family with lots of patience for a special needs boy, please let us know.


PS Yay, Mom fixed the template. We removed the Google ads cos they were advertising unsavory foxie breeders. Thanks Pat for the heads up!