Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Oh Blimey!

Geez, I was trying to post a banner on my blog to help raise more money for the Canadian wires, and as you can see - I lost the right column of stuff. It's now sitting at the bottom of the page! Grrrr! I have been trying to find out what I did wrong, played with the code for an hour at least, and I can't solve the problem.

So please be patient...I will be back soon, this is just bugging me so much, I can't blog!


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Humankind: The Good, the Bad and the Stupid

So last night I started obedience class! On the way there, I got carsick and vomited all over Dad's car - the gears no less. Poor Mom spent a good 15 minutes trying to get the guck off the gears and the car in general! Anyway, we got to school early and I got to watch the advanced class of mainly rottweilers and golden retrievers. Boy it was impressive - they listen to their owners! Imagine that?

There were some cool dogs in my class. I met an Italian Spinone for the first time - her name was Stella, she was cute. Then there was a black Great Dane pup who was huge, a German Shephard, Westie, Spaniel, Black Lab, Corgi and a Sheltie. We were all between 6 months and 2 years old, and none of us was very obedient! The trainer Wendy was really nice but she kept harping on about terriers not being that easy to train. I'll show her! We learnt to heal, sit and stay. Dad said I did well and as a treat, we went to the McDonald's drive thru after class and I got to eat lots of crispy hot french fries!

This morning I received great emails that made my tail wag like crazy. The emails contained wonderful news concerning the fostering of the poor, abused dog survivors of a Montreal puppy mill. I read about the deplorable mill a while ago, but I was so upset and disturbed, I didn't write about it. But now that there are some happy endings, I want to tell you all about it. The SPCA in Canada reported:

More than 100 Fox Terrier dogs were living in horrific conditions in a Blainville home. The inside of this home was filled with an overwhelming stench, resulting from an elixir of excrement and decomposing dog carcasses. All 101 Fox Terriers' coats were very long, full of knots and fully covered in excrement. These little dogs resembled something straight out of a horror film. There were corpses of deceased dogs in different stages of decomposition within a sea of filth, as the living dogs ate their remains. (That's one of the wires pictured left. God it makes me want to cry...)

The report goes on to detail the horrid situation in Blainville, but I don't want to upset myself or my readers, so let's get to the happier stuff now.

The SPCA was able to take charge of 35 of the dogs immediately. SPCA veterinarians, employees and volunteers tirelessly examined, treated, cleaned and cared for these poor animals (Click here for pictures). And now I can report the joyful news that some of these wires have found loving, foster homes with big hearted humans. They cannot be adopted until the legal case has run it's course.

Elisabeth is fostering Honey Bee McGarrigle, a 7 year-old bitch who gets her name from her sweet disposition. She sure looks like a sweetie pie, and how cosy and content she looks in her new home.

Another wonderful human, William wrote to tell me that, "I am fostering one of the fox terriers found in the Blainville rescue. He is two years old and a real sweetheart. Obviously I have alot of work to do with him but already in a matter of a few days he has improved dramatically. They are such intelligent dogs, I know it is only a matter of time before he is fully integrated into a normal existance."
You got that right William, we are smart! I hope your wire will get over his terrible trauma and live out his life happily in your family!

Another wire boy who doesn't have a name yet is also being fostered by a loving family, and he now has a new big sister, a standard poodle that thinks he is just great so much so she is sharing her bed with him. Look at the happy siblings!

Another very special human being named Elizabeth P also wrote to tell me that, "We have been successful in placing a total of 18 Wires (from Blainville). I have personally met with each and everyone of the foster families and I can assure you that they have gone to wonderful homes with loving caretakers."

I'm sure I speak on behalf of all wires the world over, and all dogs in our universe when I say THANK YOU to all these wonderful people who have expended so much time and effort to help these beautiful abused canine souls. And it is my fervent wish that the people responsible for such criminal abuse and neglect get the punishment they deserve! Amen!

Anyone wanting to help the rescued wires - please send your donations to:
The Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty against Animals
5215, Jean-Talon
WestMontreal, QC
H4P 1X4
By telephone:(514)735-2711 ext. 224
**Be sure to stipulate that the donation is for the recued Wire Foxes.

Finally, I have showcased the good and bad sides of humanity, and now for the silly! And I mean really silly to the point of ridiculousness!"

A dog in Japan with a new dye job pushes the 'mixed-breed' trend in the canine world to the limit. The poodle-Maltese cross was named "Columbo" by its owner features a black-and-white dye job fashioned after a panda bear.Columbo, who is naturally white, was dyed using a special hair dye for dogs that lasts about a month."

Someone in Japan has clearly lost his/her marbles -- big time! I mean look at this poor animal!What next in the anals of human stupidity?


Monday, November 28, 2005

Sisters, Strippings and School

So I have a difficult ethical question. How bad is incest really? You see, I met my sister Early yesterday, and I think I might be in love with her! She is very petite and cute, and boy did we have fun together.

Here's a pic of me and Early on the grooming table. What do you think of her name? I think it's sort of silly - Early On? LOL, pretty funny.

I think we're very good looking siblings! Uncle Bob our breeder said I could have been a champion show dog if it wasn't for my curly tail! I'm quite relieved, I don't get kicks parading around a showring - I prefer to run and play with my pals!

Bob the breeder had a lot of fun pulling my hair out! I'm not sure why he insists on doing it - maybe he is cold in that big house of his and needed my hair to stuff his comforter? Who knows? At the end of being stripped, I felt a big chilly - but I do admit, I looked like a very handsome dude!

I was also very excited to meet some new little cousins. Five puppies! They were 12 weeks old and so very small. Mom kept on oohing and ahing and saying, "do you remember when Axel was that tiny?" It was embarracing the way she was carrying on. Anyway, in her defense, I went through my old photo albums and found one of my baby pictures. Wow, I was that small once too! That's me pictured right!

Mom spent Friday and Saturday in New York with her friends Liora and Al. I don't mind admitting I was pissed. Very pissed. First off - it didn't snow as promised. Second off - I was not taken along to Thanksgiving dinner because they feared I would attack the food and jump on the silly Yorkie puppy Rocky. And then, to top all that off, Mom up and leaves me for 48 hours! Don't get me wrong, I love my Dad, but he's been working his butt off - he was away all day Friday and Saturday, so I was oh so lonesome. I decided to pretend I wasn't even happy to see Mom when we picked her up from the train station. I ignored her totally. I know, I was mean, but she had to know that it wasn't okay to leave me for so long! She was pretty disappointed...she told Dad she had so looked forward to a reunion full of licks! After about an hour, I gave up my pretension and showed her how happy I was that she was home - I tried to unpack her bag for her. Needless to say, she wasn't very appreciative.

Tonite I start obedience school at the Suburban Dog Training Club. I hope it will be more fun than being hand stripped! I read on the website that they are going to try to teach us to heel, stay, sit, down and come. Haha, good luck trainers! Bet they've never trained a wire before! I intend to give them a run for their money!


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Counting Our Blessings

Woohoo, looks like I'll finally get to see the white stuff tomorrow! My pal Pippin in Albany, NY already emailed me to say it's falling in her back yard, and is on its way to me! Check out today's weather forecast from NBC:

Dad keeps telling me how much he hates the snow and wishes he lived in California. Mom doesn't dig it either coming from the warm climes of Africa and all. But phooey on them, I just know I'm going to love it!

My pal Banba sent me another pic of her in the snow...I must say I had to strain my eyes to find her in amongst all the white stuff! She looks like she has been temporarily exiled to Siberia or the Arctic circle! I get shivery just looking at her and all that snow!

You know I keep wanting to refer to Banba as Bamba because Mom always tells me about this awesome Israeli peanut butter snack called Bamba (it looks a bit like the American Cheetos). It is the best-selling snack and the strongest children’s brand name in Israel. Below is a picture of it...I know most of us can't read Hebrew, but take my word for it, it says Bamba on the front. Maybe my wiry pal Maccabee in Israel could mail me a packet!?

Well, it looks like I will be going along to the big Thanksgiving feast tomorrow night because my Dad's cousins just got a Yorkshire Terrier puppy and they are bringing it along! Personally, I think Yorkies are nerve endings with hair - but whatever, maybe he'll be fun to push around! Heh heh. So anyway...I leave you now with this very silly Thanksgiving picture I found silly it made me laugh and bark at the same time!

Let us all count our blessings and appreciate every minute of health and happiness in our lives!


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Excitement Comes in Threes!!!

Wow, three things to look forward to this week!

1. Thursday is ThanksGiving and I hear that this is the day on which Americans kill and eat lots of turkeys! As I told you yesterday, I had my first taste of turkey when I managed to grab Mom's hoagie off the kitchen counter. And it was yummy! So the thought of getting more of this tasty bird is very exciting indeed. I heard Mom mumble something about "at least turkey might make him sleepy.." - something about a funny word sounding like "L-tryptophan". Why Mom would want me to be sleepy I don't know...I thought she enjoyed my exuberance! Hmmph!

2. I was watching the 11 PM news last night, and meteorologist (a silly grand human name for weatherman) Hurricane Schwartz (what an odd name for a nice Jewish boy!) said we may get snow on Thursday! I keep hearing what fun snow is, that it's fun to eat and play in, and I can't wait to see it! I got some awesome photos from my pal Banba from last winter. Check her out in the snow, all decked out in coat and snow shoes mowing through the drifts! Man, that looks like such fun!!!

My NY pal Jeeves by contrast, doesn't look like he's having too much fun being dressed up in his Mom Amy's teddybear jersey! Just look at the pain and humilation in those eyes. Honestly Amy, what were you thinking?! Jeeves is a humble canine, not a stuffed toy! Right buddy?

3. Wait for this...on Sunday, I'm going to have a reunion with my biological Mom and Dad and my sister! We're going to my breeder's house where I was born! Bob the breeder said he can't wait to see me and how I turned out! Bet he'll be impressed, I'm one good looking dude. Of course, the real reason we're going alas, is for Mom and Dad (human) to have a hand stripping lesson. Yuck! Not looking so forward to that part!

I have a new pal to introduce to everyone. His name is Otto, but his full name cracks me up - it's Grand Theft Otto! To look at his face you'd never think him a thief or anything, he looks positively angelic and sweet. When Mom saw the picture, I swear I saw her melt like a Dairy Queen ice cream on a humid day! Got a stab of jealousy! Little Otto is four months old and lives with his Mom Michaela in Phoenix, Arizona. Poor Otto, guess he won't be seeing any of the white stuff!! Cactii more likely.

Mom told me she is going to visit her old South African buddy in New York after Thankgiving for the weekend, and she's not taking me with! Bugger! She also told me she's shutting down the computer on Wednesday, so I guess no blogging for me until Sunday! Double bugger!


PS A note of sad news. The dog who holds the Ugly Dog title passed away yesterday...I featured him on my blog a while back. Poor Sam is was one hideous creature, but he was someone's best and loyal friend. Rest in peace Sammy!

Monday, November 21, 2005

How Much is that Doggie in the Window? (and yes, I do have a curly tail, don't rub it in!)

I bet many of you wonder what I do all day while Mom and Dad are at work...Well, here is a pictorial answer for you. I sit in our front window, on my couch perch and protect our house from any passers-by. I also sit and wait for Mom or Dad to show up, and when I see them out the window, I go ballistic!!!

By the way, if you are wondering what is in my, I am not becoming one of those native Africans that stretch their lips with tribal jewelery! That is one of the treats I got from Dad yesterday after they came home from the Philadelphia Dog Show. I don't know what it is...I need to walk around with it for a while in my mouth, and then bury it in the sofa for a while, before I'm ready to eat it. That way I savor the experience. Mom and Dad told me there was only ONE wire and ONE smoothy at the show! They are pretty cute though. I could smell them on Mom when she got home...hope she wasn't hugging them too much!

There were (apparently) many other sorts of dogs at the show, you can see a few of them by clicking here.

Well, I have two new friends to introduce you to today, Smitty and Ares. And they both happen to be modeling the latest in winter canine wear! Ares lives with his Mom Kelli in Virginia. Ares has a big brother Airdale Zeuss whom he gives a hard time by pulling his beard then running around back and biting his behind. OW! His Mom writes that, "Ares is game for anything you might want to do EXCEPT riding in the car. He would rather die than get in that thing." Are you nuts Ares, I love the car?! Try sticking your head out the window, it's such an awesome rush!!

Smitty, pictured below in a fleece jogging suit no less, lives with his Mom Joanne in Albany, NY where I think it gets pretty cold. Man, I dig that jogging outfit. I gotta get myself one. Boy would all the bitches flock to me then! Bet Miss Amelia would be on the first plane from Washington State to come see me if I sported one of those! Hey Mom, isn't Chanukah coming up soon...need any gift ideas!? You just got one!

Remember a while ago I started a new blog segment called, "Take Me Home!" - wherein I highlighted foxies like myself, who needed forever homes? Well, I have two sweet foxies, one smooth and one wiry, to tell you about.
First there is Sally (right), a 9 year old, wiry, spayed female. She was found in an animal shelter and brought to Fox Terrier Rescue. Sally is the sweetest little girl. She is non-agressive with other dogs. And then there is Jacki (left), the Smooth Fox Terrier, who is only a year old and spayed. She seems fine with other dogs, cats and kids, but she hates being crated or left alone.
If you can offer these fine gals a forever home, or know someone who can, please go to, and select Southern California - that is where these foxies are waiting for you.

Finally, on a merry note...I did a devilish deed this morning. Mom was making her lunch for work, a big turkey hoagie! It smelled so good, when she wasn't looking, I jumped up against the counter and managed to grab it and run to the living room! Heh heh! Boy was she mad at me...she managed to catch me and take away that tantalizing meal. I saw her put it in the trash, and all I got for breakfast was the usual Solid Gold biscuits and Pedigree ground beef! Why can't Mom understand that I was simply getting into the Thanksgiving turkey mood!?


Friday, November 18, 2005

Squirrels in a Box?

OMIGOD - Look what I found in Mom's closet today!!!

Heh heh, just kidding! Now that I'm post Birthday, I'm feeling fulling of jokes! I found this pic online and thought it was too funny. I'd love to find that in a closet 'cos I think it would take a while for the kitty to untangle herself from the hangers and then I'd catch her! Blanche the cat next door, always sits on my wall and taunts me. Boy, it drives me nuts!

Speaking of birthdays, I never did get that big surprise! I had chicken breast and eggs for dinner, but that was the sum total of my birthday treat! Mom and Dad are going to the Phila dog show this weekend and Mom promised to bring me gifts from there.

So I found a new friend in my State of PA. His name is Pancho, named after the Mexican Revolutionary by the same name. I sure wish I was named after a revolutionary! Pancho lives near Exton, PA with his Mom Nadine. I think he's 10 years old. He has some nice toys there!

I also met another new friend, Chloe who is even older than Pancho, she's 12, but you'd never say it to look at her sweet face. She loves to snuggle with her teddybear, and she is so lucky, she's a California Gal! She lives with her daughter Peaches, and human Mom Marjorie.

You know I really don't like this cold weather. Mom can't get out of bed in the morning (not even my peeing on the warm down quilt helped, she now sleeps under her summer quilt with a blanket and she still can't bring herself to get up) and ends up leaving me 10 minutes to walk. I haven't seen Bailey or Elvis in 3 days! It sucks! All we do is go around the block! Hope Dad goes back to regular hours next week, he has no problem getting up early!

My deepest thanks to my girl Miss Amelia for sending me this cautionary cartoon. I am so flattered that she has my manhood at the very pinnacle of her thoughts and priorities:

It's the Philadelphia Marathon this weekend so I hope to go along and watch. I don't understand why they don't let us dogs enter the race - a marathon would be a breeze! It would be extra fun if they planted a squirrel in a see-through box on wheels in front of us, and had us chase after it! Don't you agree Mackie (he caught a squirrel last week!)?
I may have to write to the marathon committe and suggest such a thing. I have a feeling however that PETA would have their tits in a tangle at such a proposition!


Thursday, November 17, 2005


I am six-months old today! Happy birthday (sort of) to me!

I'm very excited, can you tell? So far Mom and Dad haven't done a darn thing to help me celebrate...I suspect they might still be pissed off at me because I peed on their bed last night! Eek! Or maybe they are just pretending they've forgotten and when Mom and Dad get home this evening, I will be in for a big surprise! Hm, maybe a cup cake or a big Dingo treat slathered in liver paste? Yum! Bring it on!!!


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Here's Bailey...

So finally I can show you pics of me and my best buddy in the whole wide world - Bailey the Boxer. Mom and Dad always forget to bring the camera when we go out in the mornings to meet Bailey and his Mom Lydia, but luckily Dad's cellphone has a camera on it. The photos aren't as good as a real camera shot, but at least you can finally get to meet my girlfriend Bailey and see what a wild time we have together. (Uh oh, Miss Amelia is going to read this and flip out!)

Our other good pal who usually joins us in the mornings is Elvis, he's a pitbull. I'll get more pics of the three of us soon.

Not much going on here. Mom is working at home today so I had to sneak into the computer room when she was in the bathroom! She's been in there a lot today. She is feeling very nervous because she is appearing in a program tonight at International House that is going to be televised on WYBE. My Mom the TV star! Woohoo! I caught her looking in the mirror this morning reminding herself not to appear in profile on TV 'cos she hates her bumpy nose!

I love having her home with me, but not when she sits upstairs working and barracades me at the bottom of the stairs. I keep crying and crashing against the puppy-gate, but she's ignoring me! Can you believe she keeps yelling, "Pretend I'm at work Axel!"
Yeah right Mom. I may be intelligent, but I'm not that gifted!


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

From Wire to Woodchuck

Oh dear, I pissed off Mom yesterday. She found bite marks on her precious yellow-wood table which she has shlepped around the world with her -- she bought it in South Africa, shipped it to Israel and then to Philadelphia only to have me nibble on it. I'm sorry Mom, it just looked tasty and now that I know how to jump up onto the dining-room chairs...well, it's hard to resist.

Mom has this new irritating weekend habit. She subscribed to the NY Times Weekend Edition. So now every Saturday and Sunday morning, instead of playing with me, she sits at my table and reads that thick, never-ending piece of superlative journalism. I don't like to be ignored, so I insist on sitting on her lap or on the chair next to her while she reads that thing while holding my chew toy for me to chew. It's the least she can do, right?

I never did quite like TIME magazine, but now I just think it's a stupid publication. I see they awarded the best invention of 2005 to the idiots who cloned Snuppy, the first cloned dog! "Last year, Spaceship One was Time's "2004 Invention of the Year". Let's see - from Spaceship to Cloned Dog...humans are so damn weird!

Hey in 2 days I'll be 6 months old!!! I hope Mom and Dad remember and buy me a present. God knows I deserve it...I put up with a lot of shit from them. Haha!


Monday, November 14, 2005

Wild Weekend!

Whoa, did I have a busy and very cool weekend! Even the weather was perfect!

Yesterday Mom and Dad took me to play with my cousin Jakie, who is a bit of a clapped-out geriatric dog at about 10 years-old. He is a black lab/chow mix. He is one lucky dog, he has this humungous back yard! Unfortunately, being an old man, Jakie doesn't like to play with me very much which is a bummer, he even growled at me a few times after I jumped all over him, but I still had a grand time.

All the kids were also at Jakie's house, and boy they have a lot of toys! I was in heaven! I particularly like their barbie dolls and mermaid dolls cos they have long hair which is fun to chew. But everytime I succeeded in grabbing one, one of the kids or adults would chase me around the house and get it out my mouth! So I had to content myself to play with my frisbee and their big purple ball, together with my new pal Ashley:

During the day, the humans were hungry and decided to go off to McDonalds, but they were too nervy to leave me alone with Jakie, so I went along in the car. I was horrified when they all piled out and left me alone in the SUV! Luckily for me Mom felt worried and guilty leaving me alone while they all indulged in delish burgers and fries (and they should feel guilty!!), so after about 10 minutes she came out with a little box containing bits of burger and fries for me. Hmm, I like junk food!

So all in all, it was a great day at Jakie's house, but also quite tiring for a wee chap like me, so when we finally got home around 8:30PM, yours truly took to the couch. Miss Amelia, note the very gentleman like pose, my front legs so elegantly crossed:

Oh! Oh! I almost forgot to tell you what I did on Saturday! Mom took me to the dog run next door the Penitentiary which is always fun, but on Saturday we happened to arrive just in time for a birthday party for Ellie (not sure what breed she is - lab?) who was celebrating her first birthday! Boy it was great! Ellie's Mom gave us all gifts - a frisbee and a bag of treats, and all the guest both human and canine had a grand time! I played with Ellie and Henry, a 5-month old bull mastiff puppy who Mom got a bit too enthusiastic over for my liking! There was also a doberman, beagle, sheltie and many more. Ellie's Mom was a bit nuts and made poor Ellie wear a silly party hat. I did my best to help her remove it by biting the tinsel pom-pom!

Before I forget, I have two new friends to introduce! Both these Wires epitomize what active little delights we are! First up is Jazz (left) who is 14 months old. She sure is a lucky gal, she gets to go boating with her Mom Jan - just check her out in that cute life vest! Her Mom says "she’s also quite the character and has no fear of anything which is a mixed blessing sometimes." Pictured to the right of Jazz is Terry who has ambitions of being a Nascar driver by the look of this pose. I love the look in his eye, it's as if he's thinking, "Uh oh - caught in the act - guess I should have asked Mom if I could borrow the car!" Terry is 2 1/2 years-old and lives with his Mom Ellen in Maine.

Tomorrow Dad is starting a new job and he has to leave the house around 6a.m. so I am a bit worried about missing my early morning walk. Mom said she'd take me, but she's not as energetic as Dad is in the mornings - she is kind of lazy and prefers to sleep late! Now that Dad won't be home much, I'm feeling kinda sad, but I overheard Mom and Dad discussing interviewing a new dog walker for me. Yippee!


Friday, November 11, 2005

Sooo Many Birthdays!

Wow, so many of my friends are having birthdays this week! Let's meet a few of them, shall we?
First up is Kodi, who just turned two. Kodi has a big, bossy sister Maddie who is 3, and they are both rescues from down south. They love walks, playing and barking at cats. They also enjoy the challenge of trying to escape out of their yard by digging under the 6 foot fence, just like they do in prison outbreak shows! Maddie is the boss, and is always after Kodi to behave, but he's pretty incorrigible and loves eating his mom's grandkids' barbie dolls and trucks! And I thought I was bad! That's Kodi sitting on the right, Maddie on the left, and a pretend wire at the back!

Then we have my smooth friends Lottie and siblings Sugar Bear and Gunner who are also celebrating this week!

Gunner (aka MTN Fox Ghost Rider) , now 2 years old, lives with many other sweet foxies in Utah, near the Wasatch Mountains. His Mom told me that he's almost human and loves to wrap his arms around her arm and "hold" her. Hmm, not sure I'd like to be human - who wants to walk on two legs and work all day when you can run on four and have fun all the time? But I guess Gunner's Mom means he's human in that (and I find this hard to believe) he can speak like a human and say "Mama". Maybe the high altitude in the Utah mountains causes delusions? Heh heh, eek, I may get into trouble for saying that about Gunner's Mom Bev.
Gunner has a brother Sugar Bear who is owned by Cindy - he is pictured right. They sure look like brothers, don't they? Happy 2nd Birthday Gunner and Sugar Bear!

Both Gunner and Sugar Bear are lucky to have big foxie families. I wish I did, but I'm an only child for now. Check out Sugar Bear and his siblings Beauty and Gidget Louise, having a wild time with their frisbee! They live together in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

Lottie is a smooth gal who turned 3 this week. She seems to have an identity crisis believing herself to sometimes be a mountain goat according to her Mom Claudia. I hope that doesn't mean she has a beard, I don't like beards on bitches! I scrutinized the pics of Lottie and am relieved to tell you that I see no beard in sight! Phew. I sure like her black markings - she's beautiful. And I wish my tail was that straight! Mom and Dad call me CT - Curly Tail. I don't like being called that thank you very much. It injures my manhood.

A last birthday wish goes to my beloved Miss Amelia's human Dad, Phillip, who celebrates his birthday on Sunday. I have no idea how old he is in human terms, but to look at him I would guess he's about 4 years old in dog years. Bet his three furkids keep him young and trim. Check him out trying to lift his birthday cake while simultaneously working out on that weird machine they call a treadmill. I guess he thinks if he eats and exercises at the same time he won't get fat. LOL...humans are so silly sometimes. (I sure would like a slice of that cake, I don't have to watch my figure...)

Speaking of Miss Amelia, I got a nasty email today from Miss Amelia's brother Bigfoot Fletch. It reads in part, "Hey, mind your manners here! I know exactly what you are up to! Unless you have serious intentions, don't mess with my lil' sis or you will have me, Woody and big Beau to answer to!!!! Amelia is not just one of your groupies ....she is a lady."

Geez Bigfoot Fletch, I am shaking...I am soooo afraid of you. Not! I'll challenge you, Woody and big Beau to a tug-o-war anytime. Just name the time and place. I'll do anything to win Miss Amelia's heart!

Well, on that defiant note, happy birthday again to all my friends, and have a great weekend! I am going to visit my lab/chow cousin Jakie at his big house on Sunday. I'll tell you all about it on Monday.