Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Best Toy Ever!

In an effort to cut down on my snack intake, Mom has this bright idea of replacing snacks/chews with toys! She spent a good hour in the petstore yesterday agonizing over which toys she thought I would enjoy. She bought me one of those fancy AKC lifelike animals - a flying duck and then she spotted a really cheap ($2.99) weird looking rubber balloon type toy on a string (pictured left). Mom knows that I love to eat rubber (condoms in the park are my fave...) - so she thought, why not? It also lets out a god awful squeak when it is suppressed. And she got me a nylabone.

When she got home, she gave me the rubber balloon toy and I went beserk. It was love at first sight for me. I threw it up in the air and hopped around the livingroom. I played for a long time. Man, I love this toy! Mom and Dad were amazed that something so small and silly would capture my attention so much. It's great to chew - I love the squeak - it's great for tug-o-war -- it's just all round great!! Here are some photos - notice my very shaggy winter appearance, especially my tail and eyelashes. I keep telling the parents that I am not FAT - it's all my wiry hair that just makes me look that way. So stop depriving me of my treats and chews!

The nylabone did not interest me at all, and the duck is okay. But the rubber balloon just rocks!
When Mom and Dad were in the bath together last night (eek, should I be divulging that publically - they are both little enough to fit in the bath together and do it almost every night), I kept jumping up and throwing my balloon toy in the bath - much to their annoyance. Of course what I really wanted was to join them in the bath - but Dad would not hear of it. So I bugged them the whole time until they threw up their hands and said, "this is not relaxing - let's get out!" Heh heh, I'm evil.

It's about to snow again..let's hope it's enough to keep Mom and Dad home tomorrow. We were supposed to go to gran and gramps for dinner tonite, but it got cancelled due to the coming storm. I just hope I still get my evening walk!