Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I was rather incorrigible yesterday. I pooped and peed all over the house - and in front of Mom's friend from work, Lynne. I am also pretty hyper and have discovered what fun it is to mount mom's leg. Mom and Dad got tired of my exuberance and put me in my laundry prison. God I hate that puppy gate! One day I will be big enough to jump over it, heh heh!

I read a horrid story out of Texas today. Texas - it would happen there!
"Some city officials in Jourdanton, Texas, are outraged that a public works supervisor ordered employees to drown six stray dogs at the city sewer plant, rather than having the animals properly euthanized. For punishment, the supervisor was ordered to attend classes with animal control officers. "

Talk about the punishment not fitting the crime! Classes? Bloody ridiculous. The bastard should have weights attached to his groin and flung in the nearest river. Let's see how he likes it!