Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Guilt Elicits Treats!

Mom must be wracked with guilt...she's been giving me Dingoes, MilkBones and livertreats like it's going out of fashion. I guess it's time to forgive her for hacking into my blog and move on. We Wires are very forgiving canines.

Dad went to Petsmart yesterday and came home with bags of stuff for me. Mom and Dad go nuts at pet stores, they just can't resist buying me stuff. I got an 18-pack box of Dingoes! Man I wish I had thumbs - just think I could open the closet door while they are at work, and help myself to as many chews and treats as I like. If I was just a little taller I could use my mouth...maybe I could push the stepladder over there...yes! What a brilliant plan!

I got a funny pic from my pal Colby in Winnipeg yesterday. It looks like he's discovered a new planet or something. Check out his expression! I would love to play with a ball as big as that...I wonder if it is like a balloon - I enjoy biting balloons and hearing them POP!

I guess I'm quite unusual in that way...I am not at all afraid of loud noises! Last night there was the biggest thunderstorm - thunder and lightening, and I stood bravely at the window and barked and barked, daring it to come inside. Once again I seem to have pissed off Mom and Dad. I just can't win. I'll tell you one sound I cannot tolerate, and that is having to watch that stupid American Idol audition television program. Most of the contestants are ugly and can't sing, they hurt my ears. But Mom insists on watching that drivel, and I guess it is still better than hearing Dad's inane playstation games.