Friday, December 08, 2006

What I want for Hanukkah

Well it was a big day for Mom today, she went for her green card interview! She had been gathering documents and pictures for weeks to show that she was genuinely married to Dad and she was pretty nervous. I stayed home of course, but I kept them in my thoughts while I chewed on my marrow bone, and when they got home, Mom was beaming, so I know I helped! Mom told me the man who did the interview, when commenting how cold it was, grumbled that his big black labrador had kicked him out of his own bed last night! Well, that was that then, most of the interview turned to a discussion about dogs! Heh heh, Mom lucked out! In two weeks the mailman will bring her Green Card - I am hoping it is like a Greenie - I might have to eat it, though I don't think Mom will go for that!!

Man it has gone really cold here - it was 9F with the chill factor. Where Mom comes from - that is minus 11 C! It never gets that cold in Africa! Dad hates the cold and wants to go live somewhere warm like with Gus in Arizona or with all our friends in California! I actually like the cold. Mom put my silly red coat on last night to take me for a walk - and I'll let you in on a secret - I can't pee pee when I'm wearing a coat! I just can't! I usually pee many times along the way to mark my journey and Mom noticed I was lifting my leg but then changing my mind so she figured it out and half way through our walk, she took off my coat and then, boy did I pee! I have my own coat Mom, I don't need an extra one. Just because YOU are cold, doesn't mean I am...that is silly Jewish Mom nonsense.

My smooth pals are very lucky to have a living warm rug - their sister is a Pyranees Mountain Dog. Just look at the two smooths snuggling up in her warm coat!

Other news is that our house is full of mouses! I have been a very busy boy helping Dad to catch them. I hear them squeaking after they get caught in a trap and notify Dad by trying to dig up the kitchen floor/cabinets/oven. I get real excited when we extricate the mousetrap and I see the little things writhing on the trap. Mom gets all sad and insists on killing them immediately to spare their suffering - Dad says they are pests and doesn't feel bad for them. I happen to agree with Dad - I just wish they'd let me kill them or at least play with them for a bit!

Finally, I found the perfect Hanukkah gift for myself and I have left hints for Mom and Dad all over the house by printing out this image! It's a terrier credit card! Just think, I could take it and go to Petsmart and buy as many Dingo treats, Milkbones, toys and Kongs as I like!

Seven days until Hanukkah! Woohoo - I smell a shopping spree! Anyone know who I can write to to make sure my request is honored. Christian dogs write to Santa, who do Jewish dogs write to?