Friday, January 06, 2006

Many Wenches to Choose From...

Shhh! Don't go telling Miss Amelia, but I think I have a new girlfriend. I mean let's get real here - would you rather have a long distance relationship with someone living in rainy Washington State, or with a sun-loving beach gal living in Orlando, Florida! I thought so! I also have more chance of going to Florida than I do of shlepping across the United States to meet Miss Amelia.

So the new gal's name is Angel which is an ironic name for a WFT me thinks. Her parents Sheri and Bill must have a good sense of humor or do a lot of wishful thinking! So check her out, she's in her shades, looking very cool indeed. She's 4 years-old, and as you know, I dig the older bitches!

If you recall, I featured a few siblings in my post on Friday. One was those adorable friends Olive and Ivy - a Wire and a Welsh - in the snow. Well, their Mom Maggie also sent me a pic of the third sibling - another Welsh wench named Lulu. She is quite an old gal at 14. She has trouble walking and seeing, but how awesome is this, her Mom told me that, "I bought a baby stroller for her so she can still accompany Ivy and Olive on walks." Can't you just picture them?

Not much news from my neck of the woods. Poor Dad is sick in bed today, he has a bad cold and is sniffing and coughing. I'm sad he's sick, but I love having him home with me, even if he is a grumbling old dude, like all human men when they are sick (or so I hear from Mom).
I tried to get Mom and Dad out of bed at 6 a.m. to take me out to poop, but they were out cold, so I had to poop by the front door. I wish I could learn to turn off the burglar alarm myself and go for a walk when I feel like it! I hate being so dependent, it's not part of my wiry personality!