Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spring has Sprung!

Nothing like being cooped up all day in the house while Mom and Dad are at work, on a beautiful spring day, to get me worked up! I want to be free and outside, running in the park, playing with my pals. I mean I like sleeping. I like sitting in the window. But when the weather is beautiful I sure wish Mom and Dad didn't have to work!

Mom came home from New York late Tuesday, I was pretty happy to see her, but the smell of MacDonald's fries in her purse distracted me from showing my real glee in having her home again. She bought them home for me!! We ate them outside in our little yard amongst the daffodils which are remarkedly still alive. We then bonded over a brilliant walk in the park, off leash. We ran and played. The only downer with the nice weather is that everyone and his uncle comes to the park and they make a lot of mess (I don't mind the leftovers though) and so much noise. Yesterday afternoon two guys were sitting and playing the drums...Mom loved it, it reminds her of home, that African beat...but it gave me a headache!

Yesterday Mom and I went out for over an hour! I played with a new dog friend called Dakota, a ridgeback obsessed with his slobbery ball (which I stole a few times so he'd chase me) and LeeLo, the fox-like dog. It was such a riot!

Mom keeps telling me about her shower that was last Sunday and how many gift boxes will be coming home this weekend (she couldn't take them to NY with her!) and for me to "keep that long snout of yours out of mischief and away from the gifts!" I don't understand why Mom would ever take a shower in public and then get gifts for her performance? But I'm a dog, I don't pretend to understand human idiocyncracies!

Two of my girlfriends have been acting strangely. My dear Miss Amelia has taken to wearing a bonnet - she looks so much like Laura Ingells in that get up, that it is quite eerie!

And then, Asta Blu has gone quite bonkers with helping her Mom with her spring cleaning. She got so carried away with her green feather duster, that her bed looks like it was attacked by a big green bird!

I'm not personally into cleaning, I'm more into causing havoc, mayhem and much mess! Heh heh.


PS That blasted neighbor Rex complained to Dad that I bark all day, so looks like I will be wearing that evil collar during the day when Mom and Dad are at work. HELP!
I think he is being silly. Just 2 days ago, burglars tried to break in to the house across from ours, through their FRONT window which I can see perfectly from my perch! I saw the whole thing and barked my head off, and they ran away (ok, after the burglar alarm also went off...and the police arrived, but I bet it was seeing my scary visage in the window that made them run away!!)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Wedding Jealousy

Damn it, I admit it. I'm getting jealous of this wedding stuff. It sure is taking a lot of Mom's attention away from ME! There was a lot of activity this morning. This lady arrived with a suitcase (I thought she was moving in) full of make up and hair stuff. She was here to practice doing Mom's hair and make up for the wedding. I of course was barred from the wedding room (so what else is new?) and they were in there quite a long time. When they were done I didn't recognize my Mom as she never wears make up or curls her hair! Later, when they left, I snuck into the wedding room, grabbed Mom's veil and well (blushing) tried to imagine what I would look like if I was a bride!

I know, I look silly with my long snout and Mom's red hair. But I just had to see for myself!

Mom took me to the dogrun yesterday for TWO hours. It was warmer and dusty in the dog run and I had many friends to play with. I liked this bulldog puppy called Vito and we rough-housed for some time until Mom put me in a time out 'cos I was latching on to Vito's fat cheeks. He didn't seem to mind, he didn't protest...but his owner looked worried. The other people at the park told us it was only play and to let me go. I love people who understand us. When I got home I was filthy, so Mom and Dad put me straight into the bath. I didn't really mind.

This evening Mom took me for a walk, and for the second time in as many days, she stepped in dog poop. Heh heh. She was mad, had to take matches and scrape it out the ridges of her shoe. She went on a rant about idiots who didn't pick up their dog's poop! And speaking of poop, Miss Amelia sent me this funny photo - now, now democrats, don't get your tits in a tangle, it's only a joke! We wires have a great sense of humor as do all dogs - check out these dogs laughing their heads off (thanks to Billie for sending the link). I think Clinton looks good with a mustache!

I have a new pal to introduce. Her name is Asta Blu, she is 3-months old. She lives in Kansas with her Mom Junie, Dad and 4 human siblings from age 12-19. Asta sure loves her family. Boy, she's a doll!

Mom is off to NYC tomorrow for some work thing and she'll only be home on Tuesday night. I'm sure going to miss her, but I'm happy enough with Dad here with me. He is my hero. I do sometimes wish I had a sibling like my pals Butchy and Snickers in Iowa. They sure love eachother, look at the two of them:

Not sure I'll be able to infiltrate the wedding room while she's a way, I have a feeling she'll be locking the door and taking the key with her!


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Weird Wedding Rituals

Weird things are happening at home. Last night I was sitting with Mom in the Wedding room (that's what I call my former computer room) when she suddenly opened a box and out came this long net thing, and Mom proceeded to put it on top of her head. She looked like a bizarre lampshade that was designed to ward off flying insects. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled and sang a tune that went "here comes the bride...". I think she's lost her marbles. I tried to jump as I high as I could to grab the net thing and yank it off her head so I could see her face again. Mom threw a fit, yelled at me and put the thing back in its box.

What a relief.

I have a new trick. It's called the steal and skulk (as opposed to the switch and bait). This is how it goes. I sneak into Mom and Dad's room and steal something I know I'm not supposed to steal like Dad's good sneaker or Mom's new slippers. I then creep away as stealthily as I can, head low but watching for Mom and Dad out of the corner of my eye. All the time I say to myself in my inside voice, "don't look at me now, I"m invisible, I'm not really stealing anything..." Most of the time I succeed and then race off with my prize, but sometimes Mom and Dad just laugh and declare, "we can see you silly boy! That's not yours, now give it back!"

They say spring is here but it's still frigging cold. However, the daffodils have sprung up in our tiny yard, and every evening Mom drags me outside to marvel at their beauty. Mom is not renowned for her gardening skills - Grandma Toby planted those before my time. They smell nice and I do like to pee on them...but I try not to 'cos I know they lift Mom's spirits and hopes that Spring will truly arrive one day SOON.

Well, got to run, my time is limited...I don't even have time to post pics, sorry!


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Evil Collar

Well my new collar arrived on the weekend. And it is evil and possessed. I loathe it. It is black and has a little box attached, and attached to that are these two pointy probes that face into my neck, so when the collar is on me, I can feel those wretched little things digging into my neck. So they put it on me on Friday night after I spent some time barking at the passing foot traffic. When I opened my mouth to bark again, I felt this tremendous surge go through my little wiry body, and I think I jumped a foot off the ground and let out an all mighty screech!

What the $%#@?

Mom buried her head in the couch and said quote, "I can't bear it." Dad didn't look too happy either, but said stoically that we didn't have a choice since Rex the neighbor had complained. I took a while to recover from my ordeal, and spent the next 15 minutes buried in Mom's lap. I
didn't bark again.

Mom and Dad only put the evil collar on when I start barking, and I think I have only been shocked about 3 times in all. I'm not stupid - I know my barking causes the horrid reaction, so when that thing is round my neck, I will only growl very menacingly!

On Saturday, perhaps out of some guilt, Mom and Dad also went to Petco and came home with 5 big rawhide bones for me, and a new carton of Dingos and a big box of MilkBones. Of course I only get the treats meted out gradually, but Dad has a new trick of leaving a few Milkbones for me on a shelf I can reach, and he tells me to help myself when I feel like a snack. The truth is they bought the mixed flavor assortment, and I prefer the regular ones...the green vegie flavored ones in particular are YUCK! I won't eat those!

So you'll be happy to hear that I pooped out that condom I swallowed on Friday when on a walk in the park with Mom. I was at the dog park on Sunday when out it came. Mom was so pleased, she pointed to me and said loudly to the other dog owners, "Look, my dog is pooping out a condom." To say the crowd looked horrified is quite the understatement. They probably think my parents are sexual degenerates who leave their condoms around the house! The weird thing was, I have not ceased to poop condoms the last few days. Dad and Mom are both amazed and mystified as they thought I'd only eaten one. I eat so much crap on my walks, I truly can't
recall how many I ate...but they just keep coming out my bum!

In about 3 weeks is another Jewish holiday. Again the enemies of the Jews, this time the Egyptians, tried to kill them but did not
succeed, thanks to G-d splitting the Red Sea to let them escape. Cool trick huh? Anyway, Mom has decided to clean the kitchen in honor of the festival where you are supposed to dispose of anything that contains
yeast...but really is just about everything the Rabbis decide constitutes what is called chametz. Mom thinks it is a lot of nonsense but still likes to clean. Over in WA, my cute bitch friend Amelia has been supervising as her Dad Phillip does his spring cleaning. Check her out testing the cleanliness of their oven!

And speaking of Miss Amelia, Mom just got home to find her very first wedding gift waiting by the door...6 beautiful wine glasses given by, you guessed, the amazing and generous and thoughtful Savage family - Phillip, Chris and the girls. Mom and Dad were both deeply touched. As they should be! Now I want to know this - where is my present? Just kidding...


Friday, March 17, 2006

Patrick Shmatrick!

I'm a little miffed today. Who the heck is St. Patrick I'd like to know. Whoever he is, he thinks he's very important because all I hear today is "Happy St. Patricks Day!" I even got a few cards from my pals Winston and Libby:

Well whoever St. Patrick is, will somebody who knows him, tell him that today is Axel G Chocholoza's 10 month birthday! Surely my birthday is far more significant than this Patrick bloke! Happy Birthday to Me! Boy, on May 17 I'll be one year old! Mom and Dad have been talking about having a birthday party for me in the park with all my friends. I can't wait!

Yesterday I showed you the ultrasounds taken of Momma-to-be Maggie. Well now that we've seen what's going on inside the gal, I wanted you to see what she looks like on the outside. She is a beautiful bitch, just glowing in her pregnant state, just look at her little shaved belly! Maggie is due in early April.

Also, remember my friend Tilly - that relentless rat-chasing gal from the UK. She got knocked up too! Seems 'tis the season to go forth and multiply. And when we're talking more wires - what could be better for this world of ours that is full of seriousness and malcontent? Life is always merrier with a fox terrier. Or two or three or four...

Here is a photo of Tilly in her wild and crazy virginal days after a rat chase (left) and Tilly today, preggies and more relaxed (although her Mom did tell me she's been scaling high walls! Tilly!!! Not in your pregnant state dahling!).

Wow, I am so lucky, I have so many friends. And today I have another one to introduce. His name is Ozzy - I think he's only about 4 months old! He lives in Poughkeepsie NY with his mom, dad & 2 grandmas. He loves going for walks in the park, playing fetch with his Dad and making frequent trips to Petco for treats. I love the long hairs on his face - but he looks a wee bit young for a comb over!

Finally, I have to share this little news snippet with you. When I read it, my reaction was "DUH!"

Bomb dog's alert delays NCAA game

A San Diego arena was evacuated for about two hours on Thursday, delaying a first-round game in the hugely popular national college basketball championship, after a hot dog cart attracted the attention of a bomb-sniffing dog.

What dog in his right mind, would NOT be attracted to the smells wafting from a hot dog cart???!!!


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Birth to Billboards

Once upon a time, I was a tiny tiny little guy living in my Mommy's womb. Note I do not say tummy...I don't know why human parents fib their children by telling them they were residents of their stomachs! Gross, imagine swimming around in all that food! Anyway, I am excited to report that my pal Maggie is pregnant! She got knocked up the little minx! heh heh. Wonder who the lucky dude was? So anyway, first she went to a silly vet who told her Mommy Billie that she wasn't pregnant! But a second vet did some test called an ultrasound - I think this means he whispered into Maggie's ear, and 5 pups answered, "Yes, we're here!" And he took the photos to prove it! I looked hard at these photos, but I'm not sure where the pups are - maybe they're playing hide and seek, or perhaps they are so small, you need to have super vision (the visual equivalent of ultra sound) to see them! Can you spot them?

Good luck Momma-to-be Maggie. I'm sure me and all my fans can't wait to see your pups!

I have lately acquired a new nickname, "Sir Axel of Trouble". I'm not sure I like it either. Anyway, so I'm not sure how my new girlfriend feels about her name, Asta Blu Livewyre Naughty Naughty. But they just call her Naughty. I mean Asta. She is only 12 weeks old and is part of a big family - Mom Junie, Dad and 4 human siblings! I remember when I was that big, *sigh*.

So no sign yet of the mailman and my new collar! I'm rather sick of this old blue one around my neck, it's boring. I'm a famous boy, I think I deserve a high quality, spiffy-looking collar that befits my status!

Yesterday Mom came home from work, rather disappointed to see that Dad had not beaten her to it. Which translates as Mom has the honor of taking me for my evening walk. I could tell she wasn't into it, but once we got out in the howling cold wind, we had a blast! There were no friends about - Mom was muttering that she was the only madwoman to be out in that weather - so we had the whole run of the park to ourselves! Mom let me off leash, and I chased some red-breasted birds and ran and ran. Mom had her whistle on her, so she kept reminding me to come back. And I did! But then I spotted one of those rubbery chewy things on the ground - a delicious treat! Just like chewing gum. Mom's hair stood straight up as she spied me pick it up...followed by, "oh please Ax, drop it, drop it, that's yucky!" Drop it? Are you crazy? No way! I managed to avoid Mom's clutches and swallowed it. Mom looked about to have a thrombosis. I don't really understand why. I mean I keep seeing posters all over telling humans that these things keep them where is the harm in us eating them?

Later Mom was relating the story of my adventure to Dad and she threatened to put up billboards all over the park saying, "If you must screw in the park, take your dirty condoms with you!".

Personally, if I was to post a billboard in the park it would read, "Please leave all your chicken bones, leftovers, condoms and tissues on the ground so that our canine friends can have an extra special time in the park."

Ok, I didn't say it was a small billboard, did I?


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Happy Purim Everyone

Today is the Jewish Festival of Purim when the Jews of Persia (now modern day Iran) were saved from destruction (it was the earliest attempt at a Genocide - the destruction of a genus, a people). During the time of King Ahasuerus, one of his ministers, Haman, sought to destroy the Jews in revenge for being snubbed by the Jew Mordecai, who refused to bow down to him. With the king's authority, he draws lots (purim) to determine the fateful day, which falls on the 13th of the month of Adar in the Jewish calendar. Learning of this decree, Mordecai approaches the new queen, his cousin Esther, to intercede with the king. Esther, who has not revealed her Judaism publicly, fasts for three days in preparation for this task. At a banquet for the king and Haman, she denounces the evil Haman, who is eventually hanged.

Anyway, like all Jewish festivals, Mom says you can summerize it in a few words:
They tried to destroy us, we won, let's eat.

I especially like that last part, and I still have high hopes that Mom will let me celebrate Purim by sharing a hamantashen (pictured top right), which is a delicious triangular cookie filled with jelly. I am by contrast hoping she won't make me fulfil the other part of Purim which is dressing up in costume. I hope she forgot where she put my cow costume that I wore on Halloween. Mom told me she misses being in Israel on Purim where it is one long day of festivity, dressing up, and well, drinking. Can you believe you are obligated to get drunk on Purim so you don't know the difference between Haman and Mordechai? Thankfully Mom and Dad aren't drinkers... I don't think could cope with that!

Yesterday I was out in my yard with Dad, enjoying the warm weather and contemplating digging up the new bulbs that were blooming, when Rex the neighbor stopped over and chatted with Dad over our shared fence. I was astounded to hear him complain that I bark too much. Moi? How bizarre. I only bark at noises - dogs, car doors slamming, people chatting outside MY window, dogs barking, and Rex's own cat who loves to tease me by sitting right in front of my window. So I bark a bit, does it really hurt anyone?

To my shock and awe, Dad didn't even try to defend me - he readily admitted that I was driving THEM nuts too. He apologized. And then Mom came out and she practically grovelled with apology! I'm not too impressed. Anyway, to keep them from taking any dire action - like crating me again - I was a good boy and kept quiet all night. It obviously paid off, my clever strategy, as this morning I overheard Mom telling Dad she'd bought me a new collar online, called an anti-bark collar. Not sure what that means, but I think it means I get it as a reward for NOT barking! So now I'll be looking out the window for the mailman to bring my new collar! Woohoo! Almost makes me want to bark! Heh heh.


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Smooth Couch Potatos

Finally, I snuck into the computer room 'cos Mom is working today - that big event that got snowed out is taking place today. Poor Mom, working on a Sunday! We got up bright and early, and Mom took me out in the pouring rain. There was race going on across from my park, and they had yellow ribbon tied across the road. It was fluttering and making a noise. I confess, it totally freaked me out. I put my tail between my butt cheeks, and dragged Mom home. She was delighted.

Anyway, Mom and Dad have been complaining that I have destroyed the couch 'cos I dig sitting up on the cushions and staring out the window. I am happy to report, this seems to be a foxie trait, it ain't just ME. And it is not confined to wiry fox terriers either, my smooth friends seem to love it to.

Check out David - who despite his leg cast, still manages to clamber atop his couch - what a trooper!

And here is the indominatable (shucks, how do I spell that?) Huckleberry from Washington State atop his couch!

And in case you've forgotten what I look like....

Yesterday was the greatest summery sure felt hot in my coat. Mom took me outside and put me on our patio table and took off a ton of hair with the stripping knife, but I have the whole wintery growth to strip down, so I didn't feel much cooler. Dad took me for a long walk and both Mom and Dad took me to the dog run. It was fabulous. Bring on Summer!!!


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bad Dog and Bad Table

Hey, I'm back! Did you miss me?

I am not appreciating the fact that I'm getting a little less attention from my adoring parents as we get closer to the wedding. Mom seems busy busy busy with that and work, and Dad is working very hard, so between the two of them, they come home looking like they both just ran a marathon. Exhausted. Mom still takes me for my evening walk, but I sense that she is not that into it. In response, I suppose you could say I've been acting up. Being bad. For example, I chewed Mom's work ID card for the heck of it. When we go for walks, I admit I'm a rascal to Mom, I pull her around, drag her to places she is not keen on going etc... I'm over 22 lbs now so I often get the better of my teensy little Mom. Of course Dad takes none of my crap.

Two days ago, Mom took me to the dogrun. I know she reckons it requires less energy of her - I run around and play and she can just stand there and look on. But I think I showed her that her reasoning is not too intelligent. That evening, there were like 15 dogs in the run, and it was a total blast. I get very hyped up when there are lots of dogs to play with. The weather was freezing and I could tell that after 20 minutes, Mom was dreaming of being at home in her tub. She tried to call me to come, but I ignored her. No way was I ready to go home. Then she shrieked at me. Then she tried to elicit help from the other dog owners to catch me (not a very friendly bunch, sorry Mom). I don't know how she finally got me, but even when she did, her fingers were so cold, she could barely attach my lead to the collar. Just before I left, a cute Boston Terrier bitch exited the park, so I tried my damnest to catch her on our way out. We had to go down an incline to get to the car, and I was pulling so hard that Mom almost lost her footing and went careening down the hill almost colliding at the bottom with a huge Burmese Mountain Dog. If you have to careen into anything, a Burmese is as good a soft landing as you could wish for!

Mom yelled at me all the way home. She even used curse words and asked me what had every possessed her to get a Wire Terrier. Don't ask me Mom!

Anyway, I have the cutest little bitch to introduce you to. Her name is Sadie, she is almost 5 months old and lives in McKinney, Texas. She has a cute human sister Naomi! Just look at the two of them!

I hate to admit it, but I peed on Mom and Dad's bed again 2 nights ago. It was really just a little pee, no waterfall or anything. It only permeated one layer of bedding. And seriously, it was Mom's fault! She got me all worked up and crazed doing her Robot impersonation. It totally freaks me out to see her acting so strange, sort of like a hybrid zombie/robot - I go beserk, run around, bark and really have a lot of fun. So after teasing me for 20 minutes, we went upstairs and I was so overexcited, I just felt the pee a-coming. Eek. Mom and Dad had a titty-fit - and I hid under the bed until they calmed down. In Dad's defense, he did tell Mom it was HER fault. Heh heh. Love you Dad!

Finally, thanks to Christine and Dean-O in Canada for showing me this odd piece of furniture manufactured by a Vancouver company. The piece is called a "Bad Table" - I'll leave it to you to figure out why.


Monday, March 06, 2006

And now for some bad news...

Oh dear. I am afraid I have some bad news to tell you. It has become positively impossible to penetrate the computer room on a regular basis. I fear one day soon Mom will get Dad to put a lock on that door and then my blogging days will be over. But let us hope that it doesn't come to that. For now I need to tell my faithful fans that I do not think I can blog every day Monday to Friday as I have been doing. Looks like I will manage three times a week tops if I can manage to be a very stealthy wire...

But on to happier things! Boy did I strike gold today in the park! I was running with my pal Leelo, the fox-like creature who doesn't play, she just sprints and eggs me to run after her, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a big white roll! I gave up the chase, and galloped over to the roll, which suddenly looked infinitely more appealing! Of course, Leelo noticed that she was no longer being pursued, then noticed the delicious morsel in my mouth, and ran in my direction. No way was I sharing my find, so I bolted and in a "roll" reversal, Leelo chased me! Boy what a blast...until Mom caught me and stole my roll!! She pretended to throw it like a ball for me to catch, but as soon as I looked in that direction, she did some magician's act and hocus-pocus, it was gone! I was mad as hell I tell you! But then I spotted some interesting smelling poop and forgot about the roll.

Isn't life droll?


Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Rainy Day at Home with my Mom

It is pissing rain outside. I even missed my walk this morning for the first time ever! I was forced to poop in the basement. I don't care...I don't have to work down there - Dad does, and it was his fault I missed my walk. I'm not really mad at him, he was up late helping a friend in distress, and this morning Mom felt sick, so he was tending to her.

Mom ended up staying home with me today. She slept all morning curled up in a ball 'cos she had stomach cramps. She told me it would help if I sat on her tummy, so I obliged, for a while. By lunchtime she felt better, so she commandeered my computer and got to work. I didn't mind 'cos she handed me a fat, juicy rawhide bone. Check me out in the reflection of the mirror. It looks like TWO of me. Can you imagine???

I received a beautiful photo today of a quilt made in my pal Luci's honor by the very talented Helen, owner of a smoothy, a pyr and a few kitties (but we won't hold that against her). I too want to be immortalized in a quilt! Make the request Mom! Even Raisin features in the bottom left - so cute!

Finally, my old Israeli bud Noonie (a retriever) sent me this most ridiculous example of why dogs should not be dressed in silly costumes! If I was this poor dog, I'd turn my owners in at the nearest police station:

Finally, many thanks to Diane, whoever you are, for coming to my defense on the Barksope Blog. She wrote: "I believe Axel is INNOCENT until proven guilty in the Terrier court of law….these sound like trumped up charges to me-you can’t actually convict a terrier of acting like a terrier after all! "

Makes perfect sense to me!


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Oh Dear...How My Infamy has Spread!

I was shopping on Barkslope today (if you recall I won their dog of the year with the help of my wiry friends), when I came across their blog. And would you believe it, there I was staring back at my own picture! This is what they had the temerity to write:

Just when you think you know a dog

I must say that I feel Bark Slope was used and abused by”Axel”, Bark Slope’s Dog of the Year. He led us to believe he was a shining star in the dog community and now we see this. Granted, he did donate his winnings to the Fox Terrier Rescue, but now I have to wonder if that wasn’t some mandated community service in lieu of serving jail time. You can read for yourself the criminal acts committed by our “lovely” Axel (if that’s his real name) in his very own blog.
Must we start doing background checks on our Dog of the Month contestants? If we do, you know which dog to blame!

Have you ever? And then someone named David has the cheek to leave a comment reading: "That’s the dog that stole my car!!!! "
What the hell would I do with a car? Chase cats in style?

I am greatly aggrieved. I am considering resigning my position as dog of the year...but what stops me is I don't want to send back the prize 'cos it is already helping disadvantaged foxies out there. Guess I will swallow my pissyness and move on! If anyone is "criminal" it is the Barkslope blogger - she stole my image off my own blog! I call on everyone to visit the Barkslope blog and protest my innocence.

Anyway, moving on, I want to introduce a new friend who I found via my blog. Or shall I say Egan found me? He lives in Oregon and turned one year old in December. He is an only child because he gives his parents so much fun and adventure they don't know how they could handle anymore. He was adopted at six months from terrier rescue. Welcome Egan old buddy! I sure like the landscape in the photo below left!

We're in for more horribly cold weather - snow, ice and rain. Here is Axel G's recommendation for all Wiry and Smooth owners -- forget quilts and pillows, heated blankets and hot water bottles. If you want to be warm and toasty in bed...cuddle a foxie! Here is Pippin from New York State showing you how it's done:

Warning: You could end up on the floor - we foxies like to stretch out - so don't even think of hogging the bed and pushing us into a corner!

Apologies by the way for not blogging yesterday - this damn wedding biz! It's now a little over 3 months away and it's getting harder and harder to infiltrate my office! It's very inconsiderate of Mom to store her wedding stuff in here! And any day now, Grandma will arrive and my study will become her bedroom again, and I'll be screwed! I love my Grandma, but I have to preserve my rep as Blogger Supremo!