Saturday, January 28, 2006

I Love Luci!

I don't usually blog on shabbat, but I have to make an exception today! Boy am I pooped. It's taking every ounce of wiry energy I have left to write this post.

What a swell day I had today! I finally got to meet Luci - a 2 year old wiry bitch about an hours drive from my house. Luci lives with her Mom Kathy, Dad Ed and her big brother in a lovely house with a BIG yard that even has a pool! We had a blast together (now now Miss Amelia, try not to get too jealous...I would visit you if you didn't live on the other side of the world!) running around in the yard... the weather was sunny and warm!

Then believe it or not, Luci morphed into Lucifer and very naughtily (ignoring the shrieks of her Mom), she decided to jump into the pool which was full of dirty water and ice! I was a well behaved boy and heeded Dad's warning not to jump in after her! Once she got out, the lucky gal got a toweling massage from her Mom:

After a while, we came inside and tore through the house - Luci continually tried to snap at me and growled a lot, but I didn't take her seriously, I know she was just flirting! It was great inside cos Luci's Mom gave us lots of treats and Dingos! And we got to jump on the furniture!

It was sad saying bye-bye to Luci, I resisted getting into the car to go home...but Luci's Mom invited us back in the summer to enjoy a BBQ (did I hear Omaha steak?) and a swim in the pool! I can't wait!