Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Humankind: The Good, the Bad and the Stupid

So last night I started obedience class! On the way there, I got carsick and vomited all over Dad's car - the gears no less. Poor Mom spent a good 15 minutes trying to get the guck off the gears and the car in general! Anyway, we got to school early and I got to watch the advanced class of mainly rottweilers and golden retrievers. Boy it was impressive - they listen to their owners! Imagine that?

There were some cool dogs in my class. I met an Italian Spinone for the first time - her name was Stella, she was cute. Then there was a black Great Dane pup who was huge, a German Shephard, Westie, Spaniel, Black Lab, Corgi and a Sheltie. We were all between 6 months and 2 years old, and none of us was very obedient! The trainer Wendy was really nice but she kept harping on about terriers not being that easy to train. I'll show her! We learnt to heal, sit and stay. Dad said I did well and as a treat, we went to the McDonald's drive thru after class and I got to eat lots of crispy hot french fries!

This morning I received great emails that made my tail wag like crazy. The emails contained wonderful news concerning the fostering of the poor, abused dog survivors of a Montreal puppy mill. I read about the deplorable mill a while ago, but I was so upset and disturbed, I didn't write about it. But now that there are some happy endings, I want to tell you all about it. The SPCA in Canada reported:

More than 100 Fox Terrier dogs were living in horrific conditions in a Blainville home. The inside of this home was filled with an overwhelming stench, resulting from an elixir of excrement and decomposing dog carcasses. All 101 Fox Terriers' coats were very long, full of knots and fully covered in excrement. These little dogs resembled something straight out of a horror film. There were corpses of deceased dogs in different stages of decomposition within a sea of filth, as the living dogs ate their remains. (That's one of the wires pictured left. God it makes me want to cry...)

The report goes on to detail the horrid situation in Blainville, but I don't want to upset myself or my readers, so let's get to the happier stuff now.

The SPCA was able to take charge of 35 of the dogs immediately. SPCA veterinarians, employees and volunteers tirelessly examined, treated, cleaned and cared for these poor animals (Click here for pictures). And now I can report the joyful news that some of these wires have found loving, foster homes with big hearted humans. They cannot be adopted until the legal case has run it's course.

Elisabeth is fostering Honey Bee McGarrigle, a 7 year-old bitch who gets her name from her sweet disposition. She sure looks like a sweetie pie, and how cosy and content she looks in her new home.

Another wonderful human, William wrote to tell me that, "I am fostering one of the fox terriers found in the Blainville rescue. He is two years old and a real sweetheart. Obviously I have alot of work to do with him but already in a matter of a few days he has improved dramatically. They are such intelligent dogs, I know it is only a matter of time before he is fully integrated into a normal existance."
You got that right William, we are smart! I hope your wire will get over his terrible trauma and live out his life happily in your family!

Another wire boy who doesn't have a name yet is also being fostered by a loving family, and he now has a new big sister, a standard poodle that thinks he is just great so much so she is sharing her bed with him. Look at the happy siblings!

Another very special human being named Elizabeth P also wrote to tell me that, "We have been successful in placing a total of 18 Wires (from Blainville). I have personally met with each and everyone of the foster families and I can assure you that they have gone to wonderful homes with loving caretakers."

I'm sure I speak on behalf of all wires the world over, and all dogs in our universe when I say THANK YOU to all these wonderful people who have expended so much time and effort to help these beautiful abused canine souls. And it is my fervent wish that the people responsible for such criminal abuse and neglect get the punishment they deserve! Amen!

Anyone wanting to help the rescued wires - please send your donations to:
The Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty against Animals
5215, Jean-Talon
WestMontreal, QC
H4P 1X4
By telephone:(514)735-2711 ext. 224
**Be sure to stipulate that the donation is for the recued Wire Foxes.

Finally, I have showcased the good and bad sides of humanity, and now for the silly! And I mean really silly to the point of ridiculousness!"

A dog in Japan with a new dye job pushes the 'mixed-breed' trend in the canine world to the limit. The poodle-Maltese cross was named "Columbo" by its owner features a black-and-white dye job fashioned after a panda bear.Columbo, who is naturally white, was dyed using a special hair dye for dogs that lasts about a month."

Someone in Japan has clearly lost his/her marbles -- big time! I mean look at this poor animal!What next in the anals of human stupidity?