Friday, September 29, 2006

Change is Hard!

I've been a bit down in the dumps. It's hard to adjust to having no window perch anymore. It's hard to accept that when Mom and Dad aren't home, I am banned from their bedroom (becos I tend to stand on the bed and bark out the window). It's hard to get used to being told to "shush" every time I emit the slightest bark. And all this, because of one miserable neighbor who doesn't seem to like me much.

To make up for these major upsets in my life, Mom has come up with a new idea. When she is home, and the weather is good, she tethers me to the railing outside our front door and I can sit there and watch the street and the people/dogs passing by. It's even better than looking out the window...but Mom is too afraid to leave me out there without her sitting right next to me - someone might steal me! And sometimes I see things that make me I still get those irritating shushes. Here I am sitting on our porch. Just call me Tether Terrier! Why do I have to be tied to the's not like I'd up and run away..heh heh, you don't believe me do you?

The only good thing to come out of these major changes to my life, is that I'm getting a lot more treats!! When Mom and Dad leave for work, they hide liver treats around the house and I go and hunt for them. Mom leaves me a kong full of yummy peanut butter on a towel in the livingroom. There is always a dingo lurking somewhere...and of course, when Mom is home, she has started giving me raw beef ribs. I know she did that to get me to like my crate...yesterday I surprised her. After taking the rib and hiding it in the shower, I went back and got it, and ate it in my crate. Voluntarily! Mom was thrilled but frustrated as she'd spread a dirty towel on the floor in front of the crate because she didn't think I'd want to go into my I ate the rib in my bed and made a lovely mess!

I got an email from my buds Chris and Highcrest Dale Gunn. Chris wrote that, "I took a picture of Highcrest in his house relaxing. At first he did not like his house very much, but now he loves it!! He has a couple of toys in there when he
sleeps." That's a good idea, I will move some of my toys from my toybox to my house...

My house is okay, but I prefer to still hang out on my old perch - I just wish it still faced the window!