Friday, December 01, 2006

December is Here!

Sorry I haven't written for a while, I've been trying to get used to being home again. I miss my temporary home in the burbs, especially my yard where I could run and chase squirrels and bark at the dog next door through the fence. I also miss the strange company of my three feline hosts. Some people believe wires and cats can never get along, but then my friend Alexandra in Washington State, sends me this delightful picture of her and Pepper the cat sharing her bed! Maybe if I'd stayed in Levittown a little longer I would have become friends with Midnight the Cat.

Can you believe it is already December? Mom has gone batty decorating the outside of our house with flashing Hanukkah lights. She also tied a big dreidl (spinning top) to the door knocker and then couldn't figure out why I kept barking by the door. It took Mom the genius decorator a few hours to figure out the wind was blowing the dreidl and making the door knocker, well, knock. And I being the fierce protector of our house, just did what came naturally every time I heard a thud. Although Mother is not against Christmas stuff, she felt like we had to decorate for Hanukkah to show the ethnic diversity of our street. Translation: One Jewish family (us) and the rest, Xmas celebrants. I am anxiously counting the days until Hanukkah to see what gifts I get - we have only 14 days to go, unlike you Xmas dogs, who have 23 days to go! Heh heh, and they say there are no advantages to being a Jewish dog!

As we snuggle up with our families over the holiday season, we need to remember those poor friends stuck in shelters. I know of three beautiful Wires, in desperate need of forever or foster homes. I know Mom and Dad would open their hearts if they could, but we rent our house and the lease is very clear on stipulating only one four legged being in the house. We also wouldn't want to further irk the nameless neighbor Scrooge-type-personality, now would we?
[By the way, while on the subject, a quick update. Since being home I have either been crated in the mornings and bark collared in the afternoons or bark collared all day. The new collar monitors how many times I bark and Mom and Dad have been quite pleased that I haven't triggered it very much at all. Also Elvis's Mom has been coming round to take me for a jaunt at lunchtime and I sure appreciate that given how much I hate being alone at home!]

But back to the guys needing homes. First up is Elliot, a senior wire of 10 years. He is described as a very sweet boy who is very good with kids and other dogs. He is situated in New York State but I'm sure he can travel almost anywhere. If you can help Elliot, please email his mom Jacalyn.

The second Wire looking for a home is a female named Mitzi. She is currently living in the Dallas area. Her parents bought a new dog Elvis into her home, a very little one (as seen in the photo) and poor Mitzi just did what came naturally - thought he was prey and went after him. So now they want to get rid of Mitzi. Damn unfair if you ask me. Last in first out is what I stand by! Let Elvis find a new home...but I don't run the world (what a better, more interesting place it would be if I did, huh?) - so we need to find Mitzi a home. She is probably better off being an only dog. If you can help, please email Julie.

The third wire is Cooper. When he came to rescue, he looked like a furball, but now he looks grand, don't you think? Please also contact Julie if you can help Cooper.

Did you hear that Barney, the first dog visited the troops in Iraq? Barney is a Scottish terrier, and they are alright I suppose, but if you really want to cheer up the troops, those amazing men and woman who are despatched to dangerous places and risk their lives, you need to round up a whole lot of fox terriers - smooth and wiry - and send them off to entertain the soldiers! I can just see the article now:

A 100-dog delegation of smooth and wire fox terriers were sent off to Iraq today with Robin Williams to bring comfort and hilarity to the American troops stationed there. Upon landing in Iraq, the minute the door of the plane opened, the foxies took off in all directions, barking their greetings to one and all. Four hours later when the last fox terrier had finally been rounded up - they entertained the troops by barking their rendition of The Star Spangled Banner and bouncing up and down the stage....

One dog who would definitely be part of that delegation is Highcrest - who demonstrates his bouncing skills in the photo below:

Happy weekend!