Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not-so-dreaded Vet Visit

I know this is difficult to believe, but I was actually happy when Mom told me she was taking me to the vet this morning. I was that uncomfortable. My itchies were driving me bonkers.

So off we went on the 15 mile drive to Boulevard Animal Hospital in the Far NorthEast of Philadelphia. I was quite calm when I walked in, greeted the two German Shephards, beautiful Akita, Puggle and trio of kitties. I patiently waited my turn and then I saw Dr. Brett. He announced the obvious, that my skin was very inflamed and infected, and Mom and Dr. Brett decided I needed a cortisone shot and anti-biotics. I agreed!

The only part of the visit I did not enjoy was the thermometer up my behind! Oh, and when blood was drawn for a worm test. But at least I left the practice knowing that in a few hours, I would feel much better. And it is now almost 12 hours later, and indeed, I am itching less. I happily went on my evening walk and even played with my friends. For the past few days I wasn't up to that.

Thank you for all the well wishes left in the comments. Mom did look into homeopathic solutions but the homeopathic vet told Mom itchies was one of the most difficult afflictions to treat and it would be a very slow process. Seeing how miserable I was, Mom knew we could not afford to be patient. Maybe in the fall, when typically my itchies desist, we will explore that again.

Oh and Jackson, Gus and Mackie - you had better sign me up for the Big Wires Club -- Mom nearly passed out when she saw that I now weigh....32lbs (14.5kg)! Dr Brett, bless him, didn't seem very concerned. He said I should maybe lose about 2lbs as I am a big guy by design. He did remind mom though that the cortisone would make me ravenous...not the best time to put me on a diet Mom!


PS Mom has meant to tell you all the good news that her eye is almost back to normal - the retinal bleed has cleared up pretty well. We are all very relieved indeed!