Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Silent World of the Dog

Hey everyone!

So Mom entered me in the Old Navy doggie mascot contest - me and about 7,000 other dogs. Of course I'd love to win the $10,000 modeling contract and a trip to LA, but there sure are some cute canines on there. Mom and her friends decided to try to at least get a WIRE to win - so everyone in the wire fox network are entering their wiry kids. How awesome would it be if any one of us represented Old Navy!

One little guy with a definite chance is my new pal Ozzy. He is exactly, to the day, 6 months younger than me. He lives with his family in some unpronounceable place called Poughhkeepsie NY. Mom said that isn't so far from where Pippin the Wire lives, so maybe when we go on our roadtrip to see him, we can stop in and say Hi to Ozzy too.

Poor Dad was sick as a (objection your honor! Why use us as the simile for sickness!) today and he stayed home and took to his bed. I tried to look after him and keep him company by lying on his back and chewing my bone. He is feeling a bit better but I think Mom should get him a bark collar - boy he makes a lot of noise getting that muck out of his chest!

Mom seems to have found some sort of inner serenity of late despite the ever looming wedding date (June 4). She was so stressed out before, I think she exorcized it all out of her and there is nothing left! She walks around humming the songs she chose for her processional...I'm just glad they are instrumental and Mom isn't singing...

Speaking of which, both Mom and Dad were visibly shocked by the American Idol elimination tonight...they thought that dude Daughty was going to win, not get booted off. I on the other hand, quite frankly do not give a damn who wins. It's just a lot of commercial claptrap if you ask me...

Noone alas ever does ask me.