Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Proof is in the Papers

Some humans think they are sooo clever, and that we canines are soooo stupid. Well, upon reading the newspaper today, I was struck by two stories that supported the notion that we are highly intelligent creatures.

Take Belle the beagle from Florida (a state noted I might add, for it's dirge of intellectualism). "The well-trained beagle used his owner's cell phone to alert authorities something was wrong. Belle used her teeth to speed dial 9-1-1. The beagle is a dog trained to sniff out seizures. With a sense of smell 500 times greater than her owner, that's how Belle knew Tuesday morning her master was in serious trouble."

Now you all know I love to eat Mom's cellphone, but it would never occur to me to actually USE the phone to dial for help should anything happen (God Forbid) to Mom or Dad. And I can sniff out mice, poop and treats...but seizures, not a clue. I'm not saying that I am not gifted - the capacity is in me, I just need some high class education.

If Belle is not impressive enough, meet Max, a Staffordshire bull terrier from Holland. "The 7-year-old black and white dog has a penchant for travelling solo on the trundling trams, and has travelled several times without a ticket."
How cool is that? Free travel! We have a train that goes past our house - but it makes such a noise and travels so fast, I'm not sure how I'd jump on or for that matter, where I would land up!

So I reckon I'll just stay home for now. Life is enough of an adventure just living with Mom and Dad.